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Laid Off a day After Returning to Work

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i walked into my transition back to work meeting to find my manager and HR saying there was a company restructuring and my position was eliminated. Funny they hired someone to do the exact same job a month ago. Denied my FMLA 2 months after my leave started and never gave me an opportunity to apply for the "new position". Keep in mind hr hounded me about a return to work letter the week before. SMDH

Re: Laid Off a day After Returning to Work

  • That's horrible almost as bad as getting fired for being pregnant, those kinds of company's deserve trouble.
  • I hope you are suing
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  • I need to take this to court...that is just blatant!
  • Hmmmm...a lot going on there. Come from the HR world and unfortunately see a lot of impacts to moms when restructuring happens. Unless you work for an unethical company, that's not what I would be concerned about. It's your comment about not being able to apply for an open position that is troubling. Depending on how much of a stink you want to make, I say move on. Clearly it's not the best place you can find to work and not one that would support your future mom needs.
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