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High risk after first trimester screening. Im so scared

Hi ladies. I am 31 and pregnant with my second child. I opted to get the first trimester screening before I knew about all of the false positives woman are having. I thought i was in a the clear but my dr called me last week and gave me a 1-30 chance of having a downs baby. I just about passed out. I called the genetic consoler and got in the next day where i was given a little lighter news that it was actually a 3% chance of downs and a 97% chance everything is fine but I still didn't feel at ease so I opted for the NIPT test. It has been a week and I am going crazy. I haven't slept, there are days I can't eat and In trying to mentally prepare myself for the worst, I am losing my bond with my bump. I am so terrified. Has anyone had this test and if so how long did the results take. I would love to hear your experiences. 

Thank you for your time :)

Re: High risk after first trimester screening. Im so scared

  • Isn't waiting to hear news the absolute worst? It is so hard to keep your cool until you know more.

    I didn't have that test done, but when I was towards the end of my pregnancy, they did an ultrasound and said that one part of my baby's cranium was borderline large and that it could be a sign of this rare disease.

    I remember leaving the hospital and crying. Every ultrasound thereafter I was a ball of nerves.

    Unfortunately, they have to tell u the results of the test, but there is only so much they actually know until the baby is born.

    Try to stay positive, meditate, spend time with friends and keep loving the baby that is growing within.
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