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Cramping at 11 weeks?! I haven't cramped since week 5...

I just started cramping and I'm almost 11 weeks. Anyone else out there with this? It makes me nervous. I haven't cramped since week 5/6. Feeling a little nervous.

Re: Cramping at 11 weeks?! I haven't cramped since week 5...

  • I have experienced this today as well. It felt a bit like menstrual cramps, but also like a tugging/pulling sensation. No bleeding though. Maybe it's our uteruses (uteri?) stretching? I'll be 12 weeks tomorrow.
  • I'm my 3 pregnancies I've noticed around 8 weeks until baby is noticeably larger i experienced cramping while baby is moving also takes my breath away momentarily. This is how i know baby is moving :)
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  • I'm 11 w 3 d, and have been having cramping the past week.  It mostly feels like the cramps you get right before your period starts, and sometimes like a little tug.  I had an ultrasound today and baby was measuring ahead, doing flips, waving and kicking, and HB was 161.  I think they are just your body/uterus accommodating your growing baby. 
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  • I'm right there with you! I asked my OB at my appointment and she reported that its just the size of your uterus and how its trying to fit into the space of your pelvis. Apparently once things "pop up and out" the cramping will go away. Thinking back, I do remember something like this happening with my first pregnancy too. I wouldn't worry too much about it but call your OB if you are really concerned. I'd rather the be crazy lady who calls too much than the one who stressed about everything and never asked, but that might just be me :)
  • I'm 11w4d & just started experiencing some cramps/stretching pains. It's most likely just growing pains, which is a good thing. :)
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  • Yep me too for the last 2 days, I'm 11w3d.  I think the baby can grow pretty rapidly during week 11 so as others have said, we are probably just making a bit more room! 
  • I've been cramping on and off since 5ishe weeks. 11w3d today. I don't remember any cramping with my first pregnancy until the very end, but like others have said, I think it's just the uterus stretching and growing.
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