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Hospital Bag Question

I know I am probably a little delayed with this whole "have the hospital bag ready" as I am within my 37th week but....

How many outfits do I need to pack for my daughter? I figured she would need items while we were there (my hospital says at least 48 hours for me) but I am reading and it seems most people are just bringing one outfit and the rest of the time they are in a swaddle?? Just curious because right now I have 4 outfits....2 short and 2 long sleeve. It is looking a little excessive in comparison to just one. 

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  • I'm bringing 2, one in a NB size and the other 0-3 months in case we have a big baby. I'm a FTM tho so who knows.
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  • I'm 38w2d and haven't even begun to pack my bag. However, we do have the baby nag ready, we have 3 outfits. 2 newborn (just in case one is ruined before we leave) and we also have a 0-3 for the off chance he doesn't fit in newborn. I was also curious about if I need stuff for him to wear during our stay as well, first time mom's have a minimum of a 48 hour discharge.
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  • I am not bringing clothes for baby for the hospital stay.  I'm bringing one outfit, but having two in different sizes may be a good idea.

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  • The hospital will probably provide baby with clothes for it's stay - you just need something for it to wear home. Our hospital does a long sleeved wrap shirt, diaper, and swaddle blanket.
  • Lol I'm in my 37th week too and I haven't packed.  I'm only bringing one outfit for him to come home in. I just use the swaddlers at the hospital and do a lot of skin to skin.  
  • I just packed my hospital bag and the diaper bag (to make sure we have everything on the way home). I didn't put her stuff in my bag but just packed her bag as if it were going to be packed for an outing on a normal day (if that makes sense). The hospital provides most if not all of what you need. It's more of a matter of what you want. My youngest son was born with severe allergies of everything and had to have special wipes, diapers, cream and everything so we are just trying to be prepared in case she is born with the same allergies and my son and her father.
  • I don't think you need a lot. Any time I went to visit my nephews in hospital they would just be in diapers and a blanket wrapped around them. I'm only bringing a few outfits anticipating I will do the same with my LO for the most part.
  • Don't forget seasoning for hospital food. Sugar salt pepper ketchup lol and snacks!
  • 36 weeks and I'm packed. Two set of pjs for myself, having a C-section so I know I will more than likely use both. Set of socks with grips on the bottom. I will only wear them for when I will be walking around the halls, slippers would work too. A throw blanket, the hospital will just keep giving you their thick sheets and having more than one of those on me got annoying. My own pillow, a touch of home and knowing it will help me sleep better(hospital pillows are worse than hotel pillows). A robe, again for walking around the hospital halls. And toiletries for myself. I'm bringing one coming home outfit and two blankets for baby boy. I'd call your hospital to check and see what they provide for baby. Mine does diapers, wipes, thermometer, nose bulb, pacifier, formal if you aren't breastfeeding. And what ever you don't use that is open they let you take home.
  • Check w your hospital. At my birthing class they told me that at my hospital you only have to bring a going home outfit ( I'm bringing 2, one newborn and one 0-3 m, just in case) they provide a white shirt for all newborns so it is easier to determine that the baby is a patient of the hospital.
  • I am taking a lot more. I'm a STM and I know I'm having a section and will be there for a few days. Also hospital is an hour and half from my home so having more than enough is no biggie. I packed about 8 outfits and 2 pair of socks for baby plus mittens and I packed diapers and wipes, swaddlers, blanket, and a water proof changing cloth. Some hospitals don't provide wipes so you might wanna pack you some. I'm taking me plenty of changes of clothes to I and probably over packed but just being that far away from home I want to have plenty. I don't mind having to much or all the outfits. I know I'll be by myself a good but during the day so I'll play dress up with her!
  • For the baby, you don't need much. I'm bringing 2 outfits for a boy/girl (we're team green) and a swaddle. During the hospital stay baby will wear the white kimono provided and a diaper. They'll give you diapers and everything else you'll need.
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  • Our hospital provides clothes for baby while there. We only have to have clothes to bring him/her home in.
  • I only brought a going home outfit for baby last time and although they do have "clothes" for baby, I remember one of the nurses telling me "you know you can put your own clothes on her" the way she said it made me feel like a bad mom or that it's not normal for me not to use her own clothes, sooooo this time I'm bringing an outfit for baby to wear at the hospital and one for going home.

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  • I'm bringing 2 nightgown for her. That was enough for my son.
  • Taking one newborn outfit and one 0-3 just in case with matching headbands and booties for the picture, a stuffed animal given to her by her 11 year old aunt, a crocheted hat, one receiving blanket, and 2 fuzzy blankets for baby.
  • I'm just bringing one outfit in newborn size. He'll be swaddled at the hospital and in a hospital hat.
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  • Hey there STM thing you may want to remember that many are not talking about on any of the bag threads are mitts for baby's hands. Baby may come out with long enough nails that he/she can scratch his/herself. My fist did and we had to use socks on his hands until a nurse could round up a file or clippers.
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    STM also. With my first baby, I did all the research and packed everything I read about. My son never needed any of it. The hospital provides the best kimono shirts and the baby is usually swaddled otherwise. If you want something special for him/her to wear home just because it's fun that's okay. But that is all you need. No need to dirty up your baby clothes before you get home. You won't want to wash them! :) I second scratch mittens, however the kimono shirts they provide already have the sleeves that fold over the hands so it's up to you.
    You could bring one or two little pairs of comfortable pants if you want, but again nothing is really necessary
  • After my 3 day hospital stay at 28 weeks, I packed my daughters big sister bag for the baby sitter, I packed daddy's bag, and I packed my new sons bag, I personally liked having my daughter in clothes we brought, so this time this time for my son I brought a few onesies, pajamas, swaddler blankets, hats, socks, regular blankets. I still have to pack my bag :/
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