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Waves of pain

My daughter will be 4 weeks old tomorrow and for the past 2 weeks or so I've been having waves of pain in my breast. Is this a normal thing? They don't constantly hurt, it's just random little tinges and waves of pain that subside quickly. I don't think I have a clogged duct. Not really sure how to tell though. Just wondered if this can be a normal thing. Thanks ladies!

Re: Waves of pain

  • Does it feel like your milk letting down or is it when she's nursing? The lc told me when i had a pain a couple times like that it was bc of a nerve.

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  • I'm honestly not sure if I have ever felt my milk let down. I know that probably sounds odd lol The pain will happen sometimes while nursing, but it mostly happens when she's not eating. I wonder if it's a nerve. Did your LC give you any advice for dealing with it? Or it's just something you have to live with.
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