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breastfeeding-a couple questions

I am going to be a second time mom and was not able to breastfeed with my first. That being said I had a couple questions about how everything works pumping wise if I cannot breast feed from the boob. 

-has anyone used medela pump...that is the one I chose to go with what are some pros and cons
-how often do you pump
-what do you need when pumping?
-do you need the hands free bra? pros and cons of that please, as well

Re: breastfeeding-a couple questions

  • I have the medela. I don't have anything to compare it to but I've never had any issues with it. I borrowed the pump from my sister in law and bought all the parts that need to be sterile myself which was tubing, membranes, valves and breastshield. I also have the quick clean wipes and microwave sterile bags to clean the parts while I'm at work or if we go out. I'd also recommend the battery adapter if you're on the go. I pump in the car if we are out and about for long periods of time.

    As far as how often, I'm not an exclusive pumper but I pump at work when she would eat which is about every 3 hours but I usually go 4 hours or so and haven't had issues with supply. I imagine when you first begin you'd have to pump much more often to mimic feeding.

    The handsfree bra to me was awkward at first but needed. I eat my lunch while pumping now that I'm back to work and would otherwise at home can get some "me" time and read.

    Hope that helps and good luck to you!
  • Hi there, I'd definitely give bfing a try again with this one. Every baby latches differently and you may not have any troubles this time around. Make sure you have an LC visit your room after you've had the baby she can help you achieve a proper latch.

    The Medela pump is the one I used and have no complaints about it.
    If latching doesn't work out for you I would suggest pumping as often as a new born baby eats, so every 2-3 hrs. I don't recommend going more than 3hrs in between because that will quickly signal your body to start producing less milk.
    Hands free pump bra, I honestly couldn't have lived without it!!! Otherwise you are sitting there holding the flanges to your breast the hole time and that's just annoying and uncomfortable.
    I liked to be able to go on my phone while pumping or watch tv if I was home.
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  • I was the same. 1st had trouble breast feeding 2nd went much better. Pump as often as baby eats every 2 hours at first, then ease into every 3. I had an Ameda pump which I had trouble with but made it through. I've heard a lot if good things about Medela. Things you need, I would get an extra set of flanges do so don't have to wash so often or leave in your car in case you forget them at work. I never used a hands free bra. I kind of made my own with pony tail holders looped around the flange and hooked onto my nursing bra. ( has instructions) I used a nursing cover quite a bit to nurse in the hospital while I had visitors, at the zoo, and pumping at the airport. Also microwave sanitizer bags were handy when we traveled and pump wipes.
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  • Finding your local La Leche League group and going to meetings before you give birth would be very beneficial!
  • I made my own pumping bra. Two full sets of medela flanges (Try different sizes!! Made a difference for me [20mm and 24mm]) and tubes and stuff. Hospital gave me a medela hand pump which I think is great for relief and on the go. Try it out!
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    Same here. I only made it to three weeks with my first and I just made it to a year with my second.

    My tips would be to stay away from the pump for the first six weeks (or as long as possible) unless you absolutely have to pump. I didn't pump this time and I did with my first when things got hard. I honestly think the pump made my first experience harder.

    I also highly recommend having a LC present at delivery if possible. This made a huge difference for me the second time around. I had c sections with both (not that it matters) but once I was out of the OR and in the recovery room, the LC helped little guy latch immediately. He latched within a few minutes after birth. I had waited a few hours with my first baby after all the visitors left and latching became difficult. The LC was telling me that due to Obama Care that most hospitals are required to have an LC present at delivery. Not sure how true that it is, but again it made a huge difference and I wish I knew her name so I could thank her because I know that was the reason we made it this time.

    Lastly, during those tough days at the beginning when I really wanted to quit, I promised myself I would not quit on a bad day. I'd be in tears wanting to quit and I would give myself a small goal, like I will do this one more day or one more week and then if I want to quit I will. I always felt better by the time I hit that goal. Your hormones and emotions will be a mess those first few weeks and it's definitely not easy and it will be difficult and painful but it's worth it if you can fight through them. I'm so glad I did and I wish you luck mama! You can do it! :)
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