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Bucks County OB and hospitals

Hello all. Recently moved to the area and newly pregnant with my second. I'm looking for recommendations on an OB and/or hospital to deliver. We live in Newtown, but I'll happily drive 30 minutes (also did that with our first) for a good OB and hospital. Thanks! 

Re: Bucks County OB and hospitals

  • I used clearly, defilipis, Halpern, and omalley at St. Mary's hospital in Langhorne. Delivered both of my children there and am very happy with the practice and hospital.

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  • Hi I just moved here too and switched to dr Dinesen with Doylestown hospital. So far so good but my experience is pretty minimal thus far.
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  • Thanks for your responses. I'm still struggling to find someone. I'm looking for an office that has friendly doctors and staff with good bed side manners, delivers at a nice, clean hospital, I don't have to see a male doctor, and has some weekend or evening availability. Anyone know of any nearby offices that meet this? 
  • Dine send office is open until 8 tues/ thurs and does emergency saturday appojtments I think. There is 1 make doc, 1 female doc, and 1 female np
  • I go to Center for Women's Health near the Oxford Valley Mall and love it! They deliver at Capital Health which is a new facility that is beautiful! My sister delivered there last year and my niece spent some time in the NICU. They were wonderful!
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  • I live in Newtown too. St Mary's is super close, but I'll be delivering at capital health in Pennington. We toured it and it's a beautiful facility. They have jacuzzis which a few of my neighbors swore by.
  • @yellowgreygirl‌ I also live in newtown, moved a little over a year ago when we were ttc. I go to lawrence OBGYN which has an office in yardley right near shadybrook farm. They also have offices in Lawrenceville and Hamilton NJ. They have a few females on staff and deliver at Capital Health in Hopewell NJ which is an AMAZING hospital. Really new, clean, organized and the staff was great. We had such a great experience there. Let me know if you have any questions about the OB practice or the hospital.
  • Hi. Welcome! We just moved here too. Am going with Dr. Ameri at holy redeemer. She & most of the other Drs. & staff there are great! The one Dr. I did not like was Dr. Stack. But, Dr. Ameri and Dr. Sock are amazing! I have one more in the practice I still need to see but no issues with all I've seen thus far. Not liking Dr. Stack is a complete personal thing. Overall, I think I really found the right group for me. Highly recommend. Good luck in your search!
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    i agree with cwg22 ! yes Capital is definitey the way to go! And I loved Lawrence OB/gyn's easy access in PA near shadybrook.  Lawrence was great for after-care as well. And we LOVE our pediatrician, Dr Riggall at Princeton Nassau Peds in Pennington. And we just found out he's a "top kids Doc" in NJ! Now my friends see him too! We had him round on our daughter at the hospital at Capital and its been a great fit ever since! Let me know if I can be of any help, you can always message me :)
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