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Advice needed please help


I gave birth on 3/17/15 and have been EBF. My DS weighed at 7lbs and 9oz. I can't remember how much he weighed when we left but at his 1st doctor visit he weighed at 6lbs and 6oz. We had a reweigh in in two days and when that time came for that appt. he gained 2oz. We had another weigh in a week later and he gained 5oz. They wanted us to come back again in week which was today and he gained 2oz. The doctor said he wants me to supplement with formula at least 7oz a day. I am so frustrated and confused with this. I want to EBF but also want our LO to be healthy and growing. The doctor said I must not be producing enough but I EBF. Our DS is always on my breast. Even if he falls asleep and I put him to bed he wakes until he latches again. Then he falls asleep...almost as if my nipple is a pacifier. I have been taking fenugreek, mothers milk and eating oatmeal. I try to drink plenty of water and eat. I've tried pumping when he is not on me and I only get about 1/2 a ounce to about 1ounce from each breast. I guess I am asking what else should I do? Should I still breastfeed at least 20-30 mins each side and then supplement with a ounce to 2ounces after? Should I pump more? What would you do? This has been a hard journey and I just wish my breastmilk was flowing like crazy so I didn't have to ask all these questions. Sorry for the rant. Looking forward to all of your advices ladies.

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Re: Advice needed please help

  • Mine had a slow start too. I wasn't hell bent on EBFing and I asked about supplementing myself, but my doc actually encouraged giving it a few more days. And then it clicked and has worked ever since.

    Babies should typically gain an oz per day early on. But it's not a straight line gain. More of a stair step. Is your LO gaining thay on average? They say by 2w they should regain birth weight but it's not a necessity... Mine didn't, she gained 8 oz in one span, then 3 oz in another, but then by 1 month she gained additional 2lbs...

    If you're nursing round the clock - which you SHOULD do at this point - then it's normal you won't pump much.

    I would first evaluate how much baby has regained at this point, he's almost a month old right? Then if he's gaining, give yourself a week of round the clock feeding and see at his 1 month appt if he's up. If not, then put your plan and pride aside and supplement. Remember, you'd be supplementing with FOOD not rat poison. Baby might actually need that.

    But seriously, get all the facts and numbers straight first and see what the actual gain is. And try to chill. Stress is just going to hurt.
  • More milk plus tincture!

    My first was slow to gain. It took her 3.5 wks to hit her birthweight. Did you have an epidural or an iv by chance? It's proven that baby retains fluid from that just like mom so it inflates birthweight. That could be a factor.

    I would highly recommend seeing an IBCLC before deciding if you want to supp. Has your pedi done weighed feelings where weight is checked before and after? Does your baby seem satisfied after nursing? Does your any spit up tons? Could reflux be at play here? How are the poop diapers? Any rashiness or mucasy look?

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  • I did have a epidural. At the last appointment they reweighed him after I had fed him and he gained 2oz. I asked the doctor doesn't that show he is getting breastmilk but they still want me to supplement. I have been breastfeeding on demand since he was born. So to me he always wants to be on the breast. I think he thinks of my nipple as a paci. No spit up. He has plenty of pee and poo diapers. They tend to be yellow and green in color. I contacted a LC and haven't heard back so I plan to contact them again because I really want to be successful with BF.
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  • tncastncas
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    I honestly would look into getting a second opinion from a different pediatrician. If the baby is clearly getting milk and gaining (albeit slightly less than they want) I think it's very early to start supplementing.
  • Please contact an LC again or your local La Leche League group! Either are great resources to help you in your situation. Most doctors aren't well informed about breastfeeding or EBF babies, they use the same measurement scales as formula babies, and it just isn't the same.
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