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HCG stands for How Confusing Goddamit

sorry for my title I'm trying to bring comic relief but really I'm dying in the inside. Ok here my story. Miscarried last month. Grandmother passed away at 99 and in her death bed told me she was going to make sure I'd be pregnant. Sure enough a week after her passing took a test and preggos. Said 1-2 weeks in the digital test. My last " period " was March 6 ( miscarriage very early ) we used the blueline ovulation test sticks and I ovulated 24-25th of March. Tested on April 5th ( Easter) had strong symptoms and now none. My boobs were swollen a. Nipples changed. Hungry as hell. Dizzy. Etc. the past 2 days nada. I have been trying to keep calm but I'm so worried. I keep on praying hoping my grandmother in heaven is looking out for our special miracle. . So today took the blood test. Just got my results my doctos is gone til Friday. I'm 5365. Seems very low for a period being March 6th but I do know ovulated on day 19. Please give me your honest opinions. Thanks bumpees xo ( so sorry for the long post )

Re: HCG stands for How Confusing Goddamit

  • Not low at all.  You're about a week behind me and last week my number was around 5,000.  It's not so much about the number as it is about whether the number is doubling like it should.  I think grandma is looking out for you!  Praying for lots of sticky baby dust for you!


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  • My last period was March 9th Got a positive on April 3rd. Today my number was 4724. You are fine. My drs are very happy with my numbers

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