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First cycle after d&c

A little about me. I'm 33 DH is 38. We concieved the first month but unfortunelty ended in miscarriage. I was measuring 7 weeks 5 days should of been 9 weeks 3 day. I started a natural miscarriage March 4th but ended up having to have a d&c March 6th. I would of been almost 12 weeks. My question is (I know everyone is different) how were your first cycles afterwards? Since Tuesday I've only had very light spotting. I have all the other symptoms cramping, mood swings all the good stuff that comes along with AF. I was told to expect heavy bleeding. But it's the complete opposite. I also tested a couple weeks ago just to see if hcg was back to zero. It was I tested negative. Sorry so long, just getting irritated since we are eager to TTC again. Thank you!

Re: First cycle after d&c

  • Mine finally came yesterday at about 4 1/2 weeks after my d&c. Nothing light about it! I would say you are lucky. My doctor really didn't give me any expectations about it other than timing but maybe that is because everyone is different. I also had bleeding then spotting for almost 2 weeks after the d&c. I have my follow up on the 14th which will be 6 weeks post procedure. Hoping to get the all clear to try again. Good luck. Hope everything turns out OK for you.
  • I had a 2 weeks check up and everything was good. I had stopped spotting a week after the procedure. So I don't go back again till I get a bfp. Maybe I am lucky and this is all its gonna be this month. I guess I just thought something was wrong since I was told to expect heavy bleeding.
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    I had my second miscarriage in November and had to have a D&C (1st was natural) I had some spotting for almost two weeks. I didn't get my period for 3 months! I was getting extremely frustrated. I finally called & scheduled an appointment...and started my period the next day, go figure! We've been TTC now for 2 months and I'm getting impatient! I hope yours comes in a more timely manner!
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    @lilp2015, I am so happy to read your post. I was starting to think I was the only one with a really REALLY light period (3-3.5 weeks after my d/c which was for an incomplete miscarriage as well) - and to be honest I was a little worried about it. I too was told to expect a heavy period, and that seems to be the most common  experience. When I started having cramps and PMS-like symptoms I first was surprised as they had told me it could be 4-6 weeks before your first post d/c period but mine was just 3w1d ago. But after one day of light bleeding I just lightly spotted for like 3 more days and that was it. I actually called the hospital for advice, but as the bleeding wasn't heavy and the cramping stopped after a couple days there was no follow up necessary. I have my post-d/c check up on April 14 (6 weeks post d/c) and I feel somewhat apprehensive and have a list of questions to ask BUT after reading that your period was this light as well but your post d/c check up earlier was all good.. I'm a bit less worried:)

  • It's nice to hear that others had the same AF. I called my dr office last Tuesday cause I had another spot. The nurse said its normal could take a few months to get reg. cycles back. The miscarriage was hard enough but, waiting to get back to normal is so frustrating. I never thought I would wish for AF. Hope all goes well for you :)
  • I have no advice to share but appreciate this thread and all the information you all have shared. It will come in handy for me. I had my D&C this morning (first pregnancy) so just trying to get through today. I'll be anxiously waiting for AF to come back!


  • So sorry for your loss. Thoughts and prayers!
  • After all the spotting I finally got a real AF last night!! Never thought I would be so excited to see it! So far it's pretty normal. Same flow and cramps as before the d&c.
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