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Anyone else due November 10th?(: 2015.

Payne15Payne15 member
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So I'm just wondering if anyone is due the same time as me. This is my first. Is anyone else extremely nervous?

Re: Anyone else due November 10th?(: 2015.

  • I'm due November 10th :)
    Still doesnt feel real.. even after the ultrasound but we're really excited!
  • I'm nov. 10 too!! Can't wait for the 12 week scan!

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  • Same here! My original due date was November 18th but they moved it up a week because of the baby's size from the ultrasound. Not sure how that makes sense because I was on my period 8 1/2 weeks ago but now they're saying I'm 9 1/2 weeks. Weird. Congrats to both of you! Sounds like we might have made some Valentine's Day babies :)
  • Same for me! I have had two good ultrasounds so far after a previous miscarriage so hoping everything continues to go well!
  • Me too! Second baby here. It's normal to be nervous!
  • I'm due the 7th! Nervous isn't even the word for this immense worry. It's consumed me.
  • I'm due with my first baby November 9th according to this app! Not confirmed with the doctor yet! My first ultrasound is this Wednesday! During my first doctor visit he said my uterus is twice the size it should be, but that was normal!? I worry a lot then worry more that my worrying is hurting the baby!!!! I was recommended a meditation cd. Just need to do it daily! Glad I'm not the only nervous mom!
  • I'm due on the 9th, this is baby 3 for me and I'm still nervous!!! Had a mc back in October which has fuelled a whole world of paranoia and stress. It's a delicate process, I'm just looking forward to a few months down the line when I can look back and laugh at how worried I was (hopefully!) x
  • I'm due November 10. I am extremely nervous this time around. No reason to be other than the normal fear if something going wrong. Scan last week showed healthy baby with good heart rate.
  • I am due on the 10th as well. Will have our 3rd scan on Wend as I am over 40... Very nervous but very excited!
  • Yes, first timer here also and due November 10th, very scared and nervous.
    Anyone else having lots of nausea and throwing up as well?
  • im due nov 9th. first time but had two mc in the fall. very excited but still super nervous! @kateb17 yes, non stop! 

  • Some days it's nothing, then other days it's like all day long and won't go away.
  • im due nov 10th which is my bro's bday which I thought was funny/weird. no throwing up for me and nausea very rare times, just extremely tired and hungry all the time!!!
  • I'm due November 10th!! Lots and Lots of Valentines babies here :)
    I usually deliver early though so I'm pretty certain this may end up being an October baby.
    It is still terrifying regardless of how many times you've gone through it.. I've had a great scan at 8 weeks and a strong heartbeat. Now I finally heard the heartbeat on my home doppler yesterday. So exciting!!
  • By my LMP I'm due 11/10! I don't know for sure until the 27th when I go to my first appt.
  • Nov 10th here!!! So excited!!! I've definitely been scared and nervous since I found but after seeing the 9 week ultrasound with a healthy heartbeat, I'm feeling much more relaxed! Just can't wait to get to the 12 week mark so I can finally feel "out of the woods"!
  • I'm due nov 11th :)
  • I am due November 12th with my first! I'm very excited!
  • Nov. 9th with baby #2!
  • I am due 11/10/2015.
  • I am due Nov 9th I'm a ball of emotions. Excited. Nervous. Anxious. Scared...
  • November 10th cant wait for the 1st trimester to be over! Getting really excited for the 12w scan i dont think its fully hit me yet (ive been feeling really really sick since the start) but im sure once im feeling better itll hit me and my nerves will gonthrough the roof lol
  • iddleiddle member
    Ditto! Due on November 10th which is my brother's birthday also! Massive dizziness and nausea from me... I just want to be able to eat/drink more!
  • November 10th with 2nd :)
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  • Had an appointment today and we were able to locate the heartbeat for a split second enough to make me extremely happy and say wow, there really is a baby in there! :x
  • I'm due 11/11 and heard the heartbeat today with the doppler :)
  • I'm due November 10th with baby number 1 :)
  • 10th here as well
  • Due the 12th. A little nervous. Waiting til the first trimester is over
  • I'm due Nov 10 too :)
  • kwink86kwink86 member
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    I'm due on the 9th with our first!
  • Also due the 10th with my first. I get the morning sickness every few days. Thankfully it only last a few hours!!!
  • We are due 11/9 with number 2 :-). Super excited!!!
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