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marpac dohm vs. homedics sound spa

Hi, we have the homedics sound spa but ds2 still wakes from little noises in our small apt. I read great things about marpac dohm but tried it in buy buy baby today and it didn't sound as loud as homedics sound spa. Is it better even though it didn't sound louder to me? Not sure if it's worth a try and I'm really bad at returning stuff. TIA
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Re: marpac dohm vs. homedics sound spa

  • I wouldn't spend more than $20 on a sound machine.  They all do the same thing.  Maybe try a different sound, turn up the volume a little or add a fan to his room?
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  • We have this one and it's great. It can be turned up really loud - I think our normal volume is less then 1/2 of it's ability.

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  • Thanks!
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  • My husband and I have two mar PAC dohms and have registered for a third with this baby one for our room, one for when we travel and the baby will have its own. It is amazing and by far the best on the market. Worth it's weight in gold. I don't hear anything with this thing even in New York City. I can't speak for the others you mentioned but I would never go back.
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  • We have two Marpac dorms and have tried others. Marpac is the best hands down.
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  • It is tough being a mama 24/7 and still learning. I use the Marpac DOHM-DS, Natural White Noise. To me it sounds like a nice continuous woosh of wind, check out YouTube videos to see others take on it and what it sounds like. I like it cause it does not have annoying baby music nor nature sounds. I love the white noise machine but my husband hates it cause he thinks I am conditioning my son to get use to it. Well, it works for our baby to stay sleeping!!! Besides my husband never the one who gets up when the baby wakes randomly through the night than have to go to work full time half dazed from little sleep. Anyways, it works for me, it is safe, and the sound can be controlled... Yes it is not super loud which I like cause I don't want to damage our baby's hearing by accident with high decibels. I say the white noise machine works for my son about 95% of the time in the evening during long stretch of sleep, he sleeps on a average of 11hrs. The other 5% is because of bad colds and teething that keeps him waking multiple times but that doesn't last longer than 3-4 days before he is back to sleeping normally. It took a lot of patients, sleepless nights, and dedication to get him to sleep longer without interruptions. Once in a while I find myself sleep training again when baby sleeping is thrown off track. I used the white noise machine to transition him to his crib at 2 months old and leave it on all night. Now at 10 months, I believe it calms my son back to sleep especially when he wakes a few times, and cries back to sleep less than 2 minutes. Keep sleep rountine consistent and boring as possible but loving of course. Hope that is helpful. Good luck mama(s)!
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