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Not sure what to do

I am a teacher and I have an almost-3-year-old boy in my class who I am fairly sure has some sort of sensory processing disorder. He doesn't know his own strength, pushing people and hitting them with the intention to play. He breaks things a lot. He doesn't seem to notice or even flinch if someone else hits him (usually because he hit them earlier). He is constantly eating, putting rocks or sand or whatever else into his mouth. He ate a cheese stick and then shoved the whole plastic wrapper into his mouth. I have  montessori school and we do eggshell crushing with a mortar and pestle and he prefers to crush the eggshells with his hands, which I find quite painful. He can't sit still, can't do anything for more than a few seconds, can't listen to a whole book, and I often have him lean on my lap during story time so he doesn't lean on other children. He has very very little impulse control, but he has amazing control over his body if he wants to do something - he was jumping at 9 months old. 
I would like to bring it up with the parents (who have no knowledge of child development or anything about this) and give them some resources. I am in Oregon. Can anyone help me?
Thank you so much.

Re: Not sure what to do

  • Do you have an occupational therapist at your school?  The assistant principle or OT should be the one to have the conversation with the parents.  Have the AP get an OT to visit your class to do a consult.  They should be able to get you a lot of help.
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