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First time moms to be in Fayetteville, NC

Hi everyone, I'm 27 and very excited to be 15 weeks pregnant with my first baby. My husband and I moved to Fayetteville a few years ago for work, and we are both full time Veterinarians. I would love to connect with other women who are pregnant for the first time, and who live in Fayetteville and the surrounding areas.
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Re: First time moms to be in Fayetteville, NC

  • Hi, my husband and I just moved here to fayetteville late June due to being stationed at Ft.Bragg. I am 27 weeks today and first time mom! I too am interested in meeting some ladies for maybe play dates in the future :)
  • Hi! My husband and I have been here for almost 4 years and we will be here for about 2 more--he is in the Army :) I am 28 and a first time mom as well. 31 weeks with a healthy baby boy!
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  • Hi.... I'm a military wife, been in Fayetteville for almost 2 yrs... Just found out I'm pregnant...really excited and nervous.. it's my first, have my first OB appt. On Wednesday... What should I expect? Not really sure how tricare prime works... Any advice is welcome!!!
  • I am here at Bragg! almost 10 weeks pg. I had my first "appt" at Womack (tricare prime) with 3 other ladies who are due the same time frame as me (november) and my next appt is the 22nd and I will be 11 weeks. Heartbeat then. Then my next appt probably wont be until 18-20 weeks to determine the sex. I dont think they have many appts given here at womack because of all the pg women on bragg. hopefully will have a good experience.. 

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  • Hey y'all! We'll be moving to Bragg about the beginning of June and we're expecting our first baby in November. I'll be 10 weeks on Wednesday and have already had my first appointment and go back for my 12 week in about 2 weeks! I've heard prenatal care in Germany (where we currently are) is a lot different from the States, so I'm hoping that everything goes well. I have Tricare Prime. Aside from being super excited about being pregnant, I'm looking forward to our move and ready to be back in the South :)
  • @sarahmurrah611 make sure you make an appt at Womack on Bragg in advance! Very very busy, lots of preg ladies here!

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  • Thanks, @jcarlson1220! We don't have orders yet :/ so that'll be something that I do as soon as I can. Do you have the option to choose your doctor? 
  • @sarahmurrah611 i havent had my "first" appt yet, but I should find out next week at my first, 11 week apt.

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  • I recently moved to Fayetteville in December 2014. He is stationed at Fort Bragg. My now hubby and I were planning a wedding for this December then surprise! Our little one is due in November but the wedding is still on. I was initially going to give birth at First Health Moore Regional but things got complicated. I ended up having emergency surgery at Womack so now even with tricare standard I have an ob on post.
  • Hi Military mom
    Stationed in fort Bragg for about 2 yrs w my husband. This is our first baby and I'm 16weeks today.
  • first time mom here -- military wife -- expecting our baby girl July 15th

    I would love to host a New Mommy group!  My husband and I live in Hope Mills.  I currently work in Raeford but do not expect to work after baby is born.  It would be great to have a support network of new parents + expecting friends.  Be well, ladies!
  • Hi! My husband and I moved to Fayetteville in 2011-2012..we both work in public safety as a firefighter and paramedic. We're going to be first time parents. I'm 10 weeks and ecstatic to be pregnant! We honestly don't have a preference on the gender. I just hope it's healthy. Our work schedules are crazy. I work nights and I'm having trouble sleeping. Other than that the pregnancy seems to be going well. Congrats to all you moms and soon to be moms out there! I pray everything goes smoothly for y'all!
  • I am born and raised in Fayetteville my husband and I are expecting to meet our son late August early September
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