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3rd Trimester

surprising ultrasound update

At my anatomy scan the tech told me girl

They did a scan to check me for baby's position as baby had been breech this whole pregnancy (luckily this has changed!)

But, surprise, surprise... Baby is actually a BOY. There was no mistaking it in this ultrasound.

Looks like I'll be having a fun time adjusting to calling baby a he now!

Re: surprising ultrasound update

  • Congrats on a baby boy! This scares me because I can't imagine changing my thoughts at this late in the game!
  • Thankfully I have had about 5 ultrasounds this pregnancy and girl every time!
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  • It's definitely going to take some time to get used to, but I still couldn't be happier!
  • Lol! You're walking proof about the accuracy of ultrasounds! I swear this was in the back of my mind for my entire pregnancy, that my daughter is actually my son. Didn't happen though.

    Congrats on your newly discovered boy!
  • It happens lol oh well, some pink toys and such are still fun for him! I'm just happy he's not in breech and he's doing well.
  • How far along are you now?

    Congrats on the new discovery!!!
  • I am 32 weeks :)
  • We had an ultrasound that said girl just before our AS because we got ours on the late side it didn't happen until nearly 22 weeks and nope, they were wrong the first time, I'm having a boy LOL. At first I was so shocked but I'm really excited my DD will have a brother. Plus I was glad to find out before he was born, I'm a planner and like to be prepared :)
    Congrats on the sweet little boy! 

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