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Ultrasound did not go as planned

supposed to be 8w. Measured 6w2d. Waiting to get bloodwork done now and going again Monday to see if my pregnancy hormone doubles or goes down. Saw a heartbeat so trying to stay positive, but I just want to melt!
Please pray!

Re: Ultrasound did not go as planned

  • My ultrasound put me almost a week behind where I thought I was, so I wouldn't worry just yet! Especially since you saw a heartbeat. Try and stay positive, even though it's hard! :)
  • Could your dates be off? That's extremely common. I hope that's all it is. A heartbeat is promising- just keep remembering that.
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  • The doc said they give a standard deviation of 14 days so measuring 12 would be ok. Trying not to totally freak out!!
  • Then that sounds promising! Think about it- if you ovulated a few days later than you assumed (and the average 28 day cycle pretty much doesn't apply to most women, so there's a very good chance you did) and then it took 10 days to implant - you very well could be that far off in your dates.
  • I measured 10 days later than what I though as well. So I know how you feel, it was kind of a slap in the face to hear your only 6 w 4 d instead of 8, but we heard the heartbeat so we are staying positive! I have read that it is very common. I follow up with my obgyn on Monday so I am interested to see what she says.
  • When I went for my first us I thought I was 8w but the baby only measured 6w. My dates were just off and I ovulated late. They saw a perfect heartbeat and everything has been fine. Don't worry. Praying for calming thoughts for you.
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  • My first ultrasound put me 5 weeks behind! Talk about a panic attack. I have irregular periods so when I went in for my first appointment they just based how far along I was off my lmp. At my second ultrasound we saw Baby growing perfectly with a heartbeat. My dates were just WAY off. Best of luck!
  • I went in for my 9 wk appointment turns out baby is only 7w5d. We saw the heartbeat so that was a great sign. I go back in two weeks to make sure the baby grew. I was on bc for 10 years and got preggo with in the 2nd mo so my ovulation might be wayyy off.
  • My dates were 8d off from LMP but based on my 35 day cycle, they were almost spot on. Good luck.
  • A heart beat is a good thing! I hope you have good news soon.
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  • What was the heart rate? Seeing it is a really great sign!!!
  • I have the same issue! Went in for my ultrasound today and I was told I'm measuring at 6ws instead of 8. Going back in on April 20th. Also saw a heartbeat but didn't get the heart rate. My OB said this is common for women who just get off the pill and get pregnant.
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  • I hope you get good news soon! It could be that your dates are off, like other posters suggested. We thought I was 11w when I went in for my first US, but it turned out I was only 8w! Put me in a whole different birth month. 
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  • This gives me hope! LMP put me at 7w1d but baby only measured 5w6d, couldnt see any baby, just a yolk sac. I go back on the 20th...in the mean time Im scared
  • My initial ultrasound was 9 days off from LMP. I knew I had ovulated late so I expected the change in due date. Best wishes!
  • Hate to be negative, but I had the same experience this past summer and it didn't turn out well for me. I measured behind about a week and a half but saw a heart beat at what the doctor said was 6 weeks. Not knowing it was bad to be measuring behind, I thought I was safe because of the heartbeat. I was absolutely devastated two weeks later at my 8 week ultrasound when they couldn't find a heartbeat and told me that I'd had a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks. I insisted on testing of the tissue from the D&C despite being told it wasn't necessary since it was my first pregnancy. So glad I did because I got some closure. Baby girl had severe form of Downs and Doctor said she likely had a congenital heart defect that would have eventually been fatal -- likely at birth. So, as awful as it was, it was a blessing in disguise.

    I sincerely hope things go well for you! Will keep you in thoughts!
  • Was supposed to be 10 weeks, ended up being 8 weeks 4 days.. I could've sworn I was right about my last period.. Hmmm
  • I'm glad I found this thread. I went in this week and thought I was 7w5. Measurement was 6w3 but with heart beat of 124. Happy about the HB but worried about the dating - normally I'd assume I ovulated late, but was on a business trip during "fertile window" and given the timing, that would mean sperm stuck around for like, a week!! Anyway, fingers crossed for next appt in a week and a half. Thanks everyone for sharing their stories.
  • Remember sperm can live up to 5 days. I thought I was a week closer then the u/s detected.
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