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Type of birth

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I'd like to do a natural waterbirth with the hypnobabies techniques. My friend did it, though the baby came when she was out of the pool and on the bed, and strongly recommended hypnobabies.

I'm also considering a home birth with midvives and of course a doula. Its my first and i want it to be as comfortable as possible without being bullied into epidurals or a c-section.

Would love to hear your thoughts on your ideal birth!

Re: Type of birth

  • I feel as though an ideal birth and the reality of it are two very different things. I wanted to labor in the tub with both of my babies get out and deliver all natural. I wasn't able to get in the tub with either and had an epidural both times. In the situation it's very different... I opted for a hospital with a jacuzzi in the room lights dimmed and music of my choice playing. My second delivery was so much more calm and soothing than my first. Just be open to changes/the unexpected.
  • I have no desire to go all natural. Bring on the pain killers!!
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  • I wanted to do natural last time but my dd stopped growing so I had to be monitored and induced at 37 weeks. After 3 days I was done and we had a csection. Just remember things can change in a blink of an eye! So be very flexible with your birth plan. I am going to talk to my dr to see if I can attempt a vbac. If not that is okay.

  • I knew I wanted an epidural. I had it with both my first and second babies. I wanted one with my third but he didn't give me a choice. He decided to come 6 days late and when he did come I was only at the hospital for 20 minutes and he was out. It is good to have a plan but don't get upset if your plan has to change for your and your baby's safety.
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    I had an epidural with my DD and an unplanned unmedicated birth with my DS who came too fast for any intervention. My recovery with my DS was so much smoother & easier than with my DD. Because of that, this go around, I would like to take a natural birthing class and be prepared for an unmedicated, non-intervention birth. Of course, babies have their own plans, so I'm flexible. I also saw a midwife throughout both pregnancies and deliveries. I loved having her there with me from start to finish, as opposed to coming in just when it was time to push.
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  • That's great you have a plan!  I had a midwife (in the hospital, it was more like a whole team of midwives) with my first.  I went 42 weeks, 3 days in labor and pushed for 5 hours before I opted for the c- section.

    I am really hoping for a VBAC this time around. As long as baby comes out healthy though.
  • I had a natural hospital birth and plan on having one again. My birth plan consisted of one sentence: we prefer to allow labor and birth to proceed as naturally as possible. My doctor accepted that, although I did have continuous fetal monitoring, automatic blood pressure cuff, and an IV due to high blood pressure and GBS+.
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  • After having a very sad outcome associated with my one and only vag birth my ideal birth is a birth that ends with a healthy baby in my arms. But I can say I was in your shoes once, dreaming of the dream birth. But like a PP said, the ideal and the reality don't always mesh. In my youngest's preg I was told I could VBAC but he got WAY to big (macrocephaly-means big head, and macrosomic- means big in general) so I got a cesarean. I was really upset about it for awhile because I wanted my VBAC, not another planned cesarean, but when I saw him and heard him cry in that OR suddenly the method of birth didn't matter to me anymore. He was here. He was safe. He was healthy. That is all that mattered. Definitely don't let yourself get bullied into a cesarean you don't need, but don't put the birth on a pedestal either. The baby is what matters, not the birth.
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  • This is my third pregnancy so figured I would provide my experience to you. With my first pregnancy, I found out quite abruptly that my ideal birth vs. the reality of ensuring a healthy baby can be two very different things. I had midwives with my first pregnancy that were associated with a hospital, they primarily delivered at the hospital and then if you had complications they advertised it as the ideal situation because they could consult with the doctors associated with the hospital. I was naïve and assumed since I was relatively young and healthy overall that pregnancy and childbirth would be complication free. Turns out that I was diagnosed with HELLP suddenly at 36 weeks and ended up having an emergency C-section literally that same day with the hospital doctors to save my life and my daughter's life. In hindsight, the fact that I had seen midwives was a disaster b/c when there was an issue they passed me to the other hospital doctors who I didn't know and weren't experienced with high risk (they primarily worked with folks that came to the hospital with no insurance and no primary obgyn). I'm not trying to scare you (or anyone else), and there are many people that have successful home births. But you should always have a contingency because everything does not always go according to plan and the goal should be to have a healthy baby and mom at the end of the day versus a birth experience that you imagine to be perfect.
  • I agree with everything, everyone else has said.  I was pretty sure I was going to deliver vaginally that I didn't even read the c-section portion of my books.  I was so naive to think that things can't change in the blink of an eye.  I had to be induced at 39 weeks with my first due to high blood pressure.  Labor progressed fast up to 6 centimeters.  Then I stalled.  Baby started to have decels in heart rate with my very intense contractions.  Got an epidural and things got better.  I made small progress but then stalled at 7 again.  After laboring for over 24 hours I opted for a c-section.  Come to find out baby had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times and couldn't decend into the birth canal.   After that, I opted for c-sections with # 2 & # 3.  This will be my 4th and last c-section.  

    Have a plan but opt for alternatives.  Make sure you have a medical professional who can help you birth at home just in case problems arise.  Do your research, that is always the best way to make a good decision.   

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  • Agreed....I hadn't planned on having a baby in the NICU for almost a week.  His delivery went very quickly with no issues whatsoever.   But as soon as he came out, his first breath was so forceful it blew a hole in his little lung. He's now a highly active and opinionated 4 year old.  It's good to have a general plan, but have backup plans for the just-in-case scenarios.  And when all else fails...just go with the flow!  It's kind of like your wedding day....you can over plan to the point of not being able to enjoy one of the best days of your life.

  • I'm one of those ladies who, if not for modern medical intervention, would die in childbirth. I do not labor on my own. So, going into this, I know I will need to be induced. The only real question is how long to go overdue.
  • Having a plan is great and think through scenarios too, that way you are prepared. I was able to have my ideal birth experience with my first. Waterbirth, natural, midwives but in a hospital. I loved the water. It was so warm and relaxing! My insurance has changed so my options for this one have too, hoping I can still have a waterbirth!
  • With my first child, my only plan was to have the baby. My OB urged me to induce at 41 weeks even though there was no need. It worked well, I got the epidural, and after a while I pushed for a few hours and my son was here. That being said, I felt very dissatisfied with that birthing experience. I felt like I hadn't done the research, had all the decisions made for me, and felt more like a participant instead of the leader. My OB was a total jerk in the delivery room so that didn't help. My recovery was rough since I pushed for hours in a reclined position. It hurt to walk for a full 6 weeks and my pelvic floor muscles felt non-existent.

    When I found out we were having another, I knew I wanted it to be different this time around. I did a lot of research about pain management techniques and knew that Hypnobabies fit my personality the most. I did the home study course starting at 27 weeks and my labor felt so relaxed. I won't lie and say it wasn't painful because oh my crapballs, did it hurt. In fact, when it came time to push, it felt like my brain and skin were on fire. I felt in control though and my recovery was AMAZING. I had such an adrenaline rush that I felt like I could go run a marathon! I had very little pain afterwards and loved my birth experience.

    With this baby, I will absolutely prepare with Hypnobabies again, but I know that a plan is only a plan. Things happen that you never expect. There are a million little factors that go into having a baby, and you can only control some of them. I think hoping for a certain birth is awesome! Definitely prepare as best you can and know all your options going in. Good luck!
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  • Also, KEGELS ARE YOUR FRIEND. I can't stress that enough.
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  • I had a midwife and delivered in a birth center in a hospital.  I agree with everyone that you should be educated, know what you want, and be prepared to have things go differently than you expect.  However, on that note, my birth went more or less as I expected, and my son was born vaginally at the birth center with my midwife with no complications.  I hope to more or less repeat the experience with this one, mostly because I like to know what to expect.  But I know that a lot of it is out my control, and what matters most is a healthy baby.
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  • I was scheduled to have DS where he was born. Only he decided to come in at 32 weeks. So DH and I went in on a Sunday morning after I got 0 hours of sleep the night before because of what where actually contractions that got me dilated to 3cm. They hooked me up and gave me meds to try and stop the contractions, but they kept coming. By the time I dilated to 7cm they went ahead and gave me an epidural since I'd been "in labor" for about 30 hours. After that I got to 10cm within the hour and DS was born after 11 minutes of pushing. My heart was pounding until I heard his tiny little cry. I didn't get to hold him until 3 days later. My little 3lb 13oz boy was in the NICU for a month thankfully he didn't have any major problems. That was the only thing that mattered.
    My OB was great. He was my gynecologist for over 5 years prior to my pregnancy. Hopefully he will be delivering this LO as well.
    I'll be at the same hospital again. Everyone there is always so sweet. The nurse that took care of me when I was first admitted came and visited me after DS was born. It made DH and me smile. Especially since everyone in my family happened to be out of the country when he was born. O_o
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  • Thanks everyone! All of your insight is really helpful :)
  • With my first, I developed pre-eclampsia and was induced at 36 weeks. Further, I was required to have an epidural because they said pain would shoot my blood pressure up even higher. Plan out the window.

    With my second, she came exactly 40 minutes after my water broke. It all moved way too fast for any plan to be implemented. Again, out the window.

    With this one, I would like to have an epidural-free birth (I HATE having them put in), but know enough to know it may be out of my control. I also feel more comfortable in a hospital. That's about as far as I've planned!
  • I'd hoped I'd have a natural hospital birth with my first. She was 9lbs. 35 hours in, I gave in and got an epidural. Probably was a good decision as I was able to rest (somewhat) and I was able to dilate fully. Almost had to have a C-section at the 11th hour, but was able to deliver vaginally.

    This time around, I'm again hoping for a natural hospital birth, but mostly I'm just going to go with the flow and expect anything. I won't be surprised if this babe is bigger.

  • I am planning an all natural water birth in a hospital. I always knew I'd want it that way and I can't wait to have my plans come into fruition. I have a few friends that have done a water birth and they said it was absolutely amazing. This is also my first which is why I'm still choosing a hospital. maybe if I am comfortable with the process by the time baby number 2 or 3 comes I'll try to go completely at home. 
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