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Out of curiosity, who all is drinking coffee (caffeine in general) while breastfeeding?

Coffee/Caffeine 129 votes

Yup, without giving it a second though!
36% 47 votes
A little, try to keep it limited to one cup or can
52% 68 votes
No, I stay away from it completely!
4% 6 votes
Just show me the results
6% 8 votes

Re: Coffee/Caffeine

  • 2 cups of coffee a day
  • Soda is my vice
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  • I don't know how it's possible not to when you're up all night!
  • I drink sprite or other non-caffeinated beverages. Once in awhile I will have a caffeinated soda with dinner.
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  • I'm BF and I feel like baby is more fussy when I do. But I think that's my imagination. Coffee is amazing! I love it so especially after not having it for a day or two. It really gives me the boost I need.
  • I love my one cup of joe in the morning.... But I think it affects my milk production so I limit it to less than everyday
  • I drink 1/2 caff coffee every day...about 4 cups. Have been doing it since by baby was 2 weeks and he's almost 11 weeks now. Hasn't affected my supply at all. I just make sure I drink plenty of water. Usually about 24 ounces after each feeding and a couple glasses in between feedings. I pump between 5-7 ounces (between both breasts) when I need to pump depending on time of day.
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