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Help - Travel System for Newborn plus 3 Yr Old

Baby #2 is arriving this summer and I have a soon-to-be 3 year old. I'm confused about all the travel system choices... What do you recommend? Right now my daughter is in a Britax convertible car seat and I have a BOB stroller that I love but it's only a single.

Should I purchase a Britax infant car seat and stroller now and get a double later? Or maybe just a snap and go universal stroller for now? Or should I go ahead and get a double stroller that will support an infant carrier? Thanks in advance - juggling two kiddos is all new to me.

Re: Help - Travel System for Newborn plus 3 Yr Old

  • Does your 3 year old use the stroller often? If so I would get a double - a sit n stand or side by side stroller. If not, I would just get a car seat adapter for your bob (or snap n go if you prefer) and reevaluate in a few months.

    I plan on wearing baby in a baby carrier often, so I'll use my single stroller either for my 3 year old or for baby, whichever needs it at the time.

  • No, she doesn't use it often - just at the zoo, amusement park; etc. Thank you for your advice! I'll probably do the snap n go to give my arm a break from carrying the car seat and get a double once the baby is able to sit up.
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