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help needed, any advice welcome!

Hi all,

I'm officially at my whits end! My sweet little 9 week baby girl has started screaming through her day time bottles. She is formula fed and has been from the start. I changed her to nan hypoallergenic about a month ago and she was fine. These last two weeks have been hell for both baby and me.

I went to go and get a bigger teat yesterday but that didn't seem to help either.

She burps easily (sometimes burps on her own) .

She was sleeping almost through the night but now wakes up twice. (12 and 3) she doesn't sleep well during the day.has naps that last max an hour at a time.

Please could anyone give me advice on what it could be and how to fix it.

Re: help needed, any advice welcome!

  • Is 9 weeks a growth spurt week? I breastfeed so I'm not sure about the type of formula but I know my 10 week old has went weeks were it seems like he's totally regressing but then it just goes away.
  • That's definitely sounding like a growth spurt (and the age is right). I would feed more often during day and swaddle at night. That helped me a lot. I went through a similar thing except my girls BF.
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  • I feel like it's transition week my baby changed her sleeping pattern that week, but if she's crying and nothing else is wrong feed her she's growing and needs more. Idk how pediatricians tell you how many ozs to give babies are all different.
  • My baby did something similar. Try making the bottle really warm! My baby likes her milk hot (not scalding obviously) and it took me forever to figure that out!
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