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Hi ladies.......Hope all is going well. I normally post on the TTC forum but i thought maybe you ladies would have more answers/advice for me. My Fiance and I just did IVF (FET) on friday for the first time. We did 2 tries with IUI and came out with 2 BFN......... My doc transferred 2 embryos that she says looked great, we still have 2 more less quality frozon (we were unable to do a fresh cycle due to prolonged meds)........Im 33, my fiance 34. diagnosis: DOR.

Do you gals have any major do's and dont's for me while i wait? i.e: exercise, foods, drinks, etc......

did any of you start to feel any type of symptoms prior to your beta test? I dont want to annalize all the little things like i did with my IUI cycles, although thats probably what im doing by asking, lol.

any information is appriciated, google is no longer my friend!

***Did your doc put you on bed rest and no sex after the procedure. 2 of my friends did IVF that their separate doctors told them different things about the bed rest and sex stuff.

Hope everyone is having a great monday.

me:33 Fiance: 34
Diagnosis: DOR
TTC since June 2013
IUI #1---BFN
IUI #2--- BFN
IVF #1--- BFP on 4/5/2015

Re: Questions and advice

  • No super heavy activity.  For myself I had one fresh and 3 frozen transfers.  In all cases I was super carefully and basically sat on my butt until beta (couch with light hearted comedies for two days and worked from home the remaining days).  Fresh cycle was a CP, first FET was an early m/c, 2nd FET was a BFN, and 3rd FET gave me my DD.  I also know people who were bed or couch rest for two days and then went about their normal lives and got sticky bfps.  Including one girl who biked to work after two days off.  If there were a tried and true formula we would all follow it to the letter.  GL in the 2ww!
    TTC #1 Since 4/2010, Cycle 30
    Positive for HLA-B27, I'm a mutant :p
    Testing - Me ok, gluten issue? DH - borderline count, low motility
    4/28/11 IUI#1 = BFP!(5/25), EDD 2/2/12 - m/c 5w3d
    7/3, 7/31, 9/25 - IUI#2-4=BFN
    IVF#1 - 1 blast = BFP!! (12/30), EDD 9/9/12, confirmed c/p 4w2d
    FET#1 3/2/12 - 2 blasts =BFP!! EDD 11/18/12, us#1 = twins! Confirmed m/c 5w6d
    4/20-surprise BFP and another c/p 4w2d
    FET#2 7/16/12 - 2 blasts = BFN
    FET#3 8/20/12 - 1 blast - BFP!! Beta #1-2=177, 354
    1st u/s 5w6d, one beautiful little HB :), 2nd u/s 146bpm
    baby girl born 5/10/13

    TTC#2 since 12/17/2014, Cycle 8
    Repeat Testing...FSH=12, AMH=3.8, AFC=28. 
    IUI#5 5/10/15- c/p?
    IVF#2 8/19/15 - cancelled due to cysts
    IVF#2 take two 10/2015 - 5 blasts frozen
    FET#4 12/11/2015 - BFN - 4 blasts remaining
    FET#5 2/18/16 - BFP!!!  Beta1-3, 126, 250, 745!!

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    Tons of love and ((hugs)) to my IF sister NMscubagirl

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  • Good luck! My RE had me discontinue all activity except walking and no sex until after the 6w u/s. I was also supposed to limit lifting anything more than 15lbs. I have a 23lb toddler and I abstained from lifting her in ET day. I also attempted not to lift her much for a week. That was not very successful :) So be gentle with yourself.
    TTC Since 3/2010
    Me-36, Unexplained Infertility, DH-35, all clear
    Clomid 50mg 12/2011 = BFN
    Clomid 100mg 1/2012 = BFN, with Cyst
    IVF #1 Lupron/Menopur/Gonal-f/HCG Trigger
    ER 4/19/12 = 11 retrieved, 6 fertilized,
    ET 4/22/12 = 2 transfered (day 3), remaining 3 weren't good enough to freeze
    Beta 5/3 = BFP, 87 Beta #2 5/7 560.9 Beta #3 5/9 1376.5 First u/s One Baby, 125bpm!
    Second u/s, 176bmp! Kicked over to the OB by the RE at 8w. Team Green!! 
    Baby girl J arrived two weeks early! Born into water, med-free. Hooray for Team Pink!

    TTC #2 - back to the RE, treatment started 12/2014. 

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  • I was told two days of strict bed rest and I did one per their orders and one sort of halfway... I did try and relax, physically and mentally, as best I could the following week. Ivf can be so stressful, try and just give yourself a break. Just resting can't hurt anything, even though I'm not convinced a little exercise will hurt either. I was actually in the middle of a really stressful move for my dad when I got my positive beta, so strenuous exercise after a week or so seemed to be okay with my body. I'm now almost 31 weeks so it did stick! No real signs before the beta, though. I did a live transfer and was extremely bloated for weeks after the procedure. I don't think I could definitively say any of my pain was a sign.
  • mnj05mnj05 member
    After my first IVF, I was told bed rest for two days, light activity following until beta and no sex until after the first u/s. After my FET in October, I was told bed rest was no longer necessary but light activity the day of transfer. Still no sex though.

    With both, I had slight cramping between transfer and beta and headaches, although the headaches could've been from the progesterone.

    Good luck!!


    TTC #1 since 3/2011
    DX: anovulatory and severe MFI
    DH is a testicular cancer survivor
    IVF#1 w/ICSI lupron, gonal f, ovidrel
    ER 6/15/12 6R 6M 6F! ET 6/20/12
    Beta #1: 154 Beta #2: 509 Beta #3: 7326
    Baby Boy born 3/1/2013
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    TTC#2: 6/2014 all testing came back normal

    IVF#2 (#1 for LO#2) 9/2014 - 17R 10M 10F 4 blasts frozen on day 6.

    FET #1 10/15/14 - Beta #1: 216  Beta #2: 823

    Baby Boy born 7/10/2015

  • No advice other than what has already been said but I wanted to wish you good luck! FX for a sticky baby!
    ~~ All Welcome~~
    ME: 32, SER aggregates on eggs, anovulatory
    DH:  33, 2% morphology
    TTC #1 
    2 clomid cycles, 3 hybrid clomid/bravelle IUI's = 4 BFN/1 [email protected] 5.5 weeks
    IUI #6 -Follitism IUI cycle converted to IVF and back to IUI-4 mature, 3 maybe mature = BFP!!   DS Born 9/2014
    IVF #1 9/15 Antagonist- 19 R 1F (Frozen day 1 @ 2PN stage) Diagnosed with SER aggregates in 13/19 eggs after failed fertilization
    IVF #2 11/15 Antagonist w/ICSI  (Higher stims & Letrosole added last minute on stim day 7)- 39R, 24M (20/24 SER free), 15F (14/15 SER free & all frozen @ 2PN stage) 
    FET#1 Cultured all 16- 2pn embryos to day 5- transferred 1 good hatching blast and 1 early blast on 1/28- None to freeze - beta 2/5

  • dp21dp21 member
    I didn't do best rest or anything.  I'm a floor nurse and had to go back to work, but I took it easy, didn't do any heavy lifting etc.  In terms of food etc, treat it as you would a pregnancy and assume you are pregnant.  So no alcohol, I stayed away from caffeine for awhile, no deli, no sushi, stuff like that.  I didn't have sex for a long time, I know it is safe but the paranoia even when I was 17-18 weeks pregnant from infertility kept us away most of the time. 

    Me: 30, DH: 32
    My hx:  uterus/hormones normal Dx: low AMH 0.5 = poor ovarian reserve
    hubby hx: low sperm count, poor motility, started on clomid, retest in May showed no improvement, will be on clomid another 3 months, another retest scheduled for August

    Started IVF #1:  ~BFP Mentioned~
    • ER (Thursday April 17th, 3 precious eggs).
    • April 18th: Received news 2 out of 3 eggs fertilized!
    •  Planned 3dt: Easter day, transferred two 8B embryos and received pictures :)
    • BFP starting 8dp3dt 5/1 Beta #1: 87, 5/3 Beta #2 206 
    • 5/19 Heartbeat 123bpm
    • EDD 1/8/15

  • thank you ladies so much for your advice. I, for the most part, stayed on the couch for the 2 days after. my mom yelled at me for trying to sweep (i couldnt take the mess). im a firefighter but am currently on a teaching assignment so that im not doing heavy lifting or activity. praying daily for a sticky baby. and congrats to all of you that have had success. i cant imagine the happiness when that beta came back positive. I'll find out easter sunday! thank you again for the positive replies
    me:33 Fiance: 34
    Diagnosis: DOR
    TTC since June 2013
    IUI #1---BFN
    IUI #2--- BFN
    IVF #1--- BFP on 4/5/2015
  • two more questions.......

    hot bath????
    going out on the boat???

    yes or no?
    me:33 Fiance: 34
    Diagnosis: DOR
    TTC since June 2013
    IUI #1---BFN
    IUI #2--- BFN
    IVF #1--- BFP on 4/5/2015
  • I finally got pregnant with twins on my 5th embryo transfer. I did acupuncture twice a week and right after my embryo transfer that cycle. I also took several days off work and just rested (with other cycles, I went right back to work the day after transfer). That was all I did differently!

    Wedding Fall 2007 Off OCP's since 9/08-started with BBT charts Saw Ob/gyn May 2009 Blood work normal except single copy of MTHFR Clomid 50mg May 2009 Clomid 50mg + IUI June 2009 Femara 5mg + IUI July 2009 Normal HSG July 2009 Femara 5mg + ovidrel+IUI August 2009 Femara 5mg +ovidrel + IUI September 2009 November 2009-normal lap December 2009-met with RE December/January-Injectible med cycle with IUI-Abnormal sperm morpology found-only 0-1% normal All Head defects. Jan/Feb 2010 1st IVF with ICSI-5 week chemical pregnancy :( Feb 2010-male infertility doc says DH's anatomy and blood work are normal so nothing he can do. :( FET July 2010-BFP! Twin m/c @ 5.5 wks :( Dec/Jan 2011 IVF #2 Only 4 eggs retrieved-Ganirelix dose messed up BFFN Feb/March 2011 IVF #3 ER 3/9 9 eggs, 7 fertilized, ET 3/14, No frosties. BFN IVF #4 ER 8/22 9R,7F ET 8/25-3 embies, 1 frostie! Beta 9/2= 54, 9/6=274, 9/8=625, 9/12=2953, 9/16 greater than 10,000. B/G TWINS born April 2012 @ 36wks & 1 day! July 2014-going back for the frozen embryo! ET 7/28, heartbeat seen at 6wks1day with SCH. Miscarriage confirmed at 6wks4days

  • Good luck stillpraying!!  At my FET, they made me rest for 30 mins at the clinic. Then I got up and drove ~6 hours home. They told me to 'take it easy' for a couple weeks (no heavy lifting, no sports, etc). I'm pretty sure I got home that day and took my horse out for a ride to help relax. No hard riding, just walking. 

    I've come to the conclusion that (unless you're high risk), those little beans will do whatever they want! During my 2WW, I started getting cramps the day before my period was due. I knew it was my period coming, so I said 'screw it', and went and played in my hockey game that night. I still had cramps the next day, but no period. The clinic told me that the progesterone could screw with my period start date, so the only thing I could do was wait. A week later the clinic called to tell me that I was pregnant. :O

    For me, early symptoms were: feeling 'full' or bloaty like your period is just around the corner, and no breast tenderness. Plus I had those cramps for a couple days. In my opinion, that blast will do what it wants. If it survived a hockey game with me, I'm sure sweeping your floor will be fine! I hope your little sticky bean will burrow right in! Keep us posted, we're cheering for you
  • vpinevpine member
    I was on strict bedrest for 3 days after transfer. I only got up to bathroom and that's it. I didn't exercise (at ALL) after transfer, no sex until after hearing heartbeat (per RE), no food restrictions although I was eating only soups for a while - acupuncturist had told me warm foods are best for implantation...I had AF-type cramps after 3 days, spotting after 5 days (just 1 day of spotting), cramps and boobs hurting on and off. I REALLY thought my period was coming, especially after 14 days past transfer which is why I didn't test early and almost skipped beta. I was shocked when I got call that I was pregnant. I had beta of 2061 (see siggy) and have twin girls.

    (I got pregnant on 2nd IVF attempt, frozen transfer of 2 5-day blasts to be exact). Good luck!

    Me: 32, DH: 34.
    Trying since Jan 2011. Unexplained IF.
    2 IUIs = BFN.
    1 IVF (Dec 2013) = BFN.
    FET, 2 frosties (June 13, 2014)

    14dp5dt-June 27 -BFP, beta 2061. 2nd beta >5000, 3rd beta >5000, 2 sacs 06/30.
    Twin Girls - 02/11/15 - at 37 weeks (no NICU, home with me at 3 days).
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