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Losing my patience!

To those of you I've gotten to know over the past appx 9 months I'd love to keep in touch. I am quickly losing my patience with the "am I in labor?" And " what can I do to make baby come?" Questions. Any day now I may lose my cool and respond with my true feelings. If you find I am banned, or in the meantime please find me on fb- Alisa Fernandez Jardin

Re: Losing my patience!

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  • It's been unicorn and rainbows so idk why the hell anyone is being banned
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  • This app has failed to produce a useful post since the January exodus. Those of us that still lurk from before then do it just for entertainment value and post anything of worth on the other site where there is something useful to be said.
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  • fb group WTE April 2015 ;)
  • Aaaah this makes me so happy that others are feeling this way too. I've just stopped responding to posts because I can't handle the stupidity! AW after AW without even bothering to lurk or ever offer support. So thanks for posting this and letting us know there are still some of us left here ;).
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