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Techniques or tools for back labor

Pregnant with #3, the first two I had back labor the whole time. I am going to assume I will again, and am looking for tools or techniques that helped you with intense back labor. We are using the Bradley method and hopefully having a natural birth (3rd times a charm right?) but it seems like the back labor does me in every time! I only get relief from counter pressure on my back, but even that doesn't help much as things get faster and harder. We are only in week 4 of our classes, so I am hoping we will touch on this more in depth, but I am already thinking about what tools or techniques we could be practicing right now. Any experience or tips would be great!
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Re: Techniques or tools for back labor

  • I did not have back labor, but my back would hurt during contractions.  Two things that helped immensely were a warm bath and counter pressure, DH used tennis balls and would press them firmly into my lower back.  I've also heard of people using a TENS machine or Sterile Water Injections.  Though a lot of women say the injections while helpful are extremely painful, so perhaps not worth it.

    My understanding is back labor is typically causes by baby's position.  Have you considered trying acupuncture with a chiro trained in the Webster Technique?  Might help to get baby in a better position if that was the problem before.  You might call your insurance, mine covered 90%.
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    Counter pressure, water. My last birth was insane pressure and pain in my lower spine. So intense I never got a break (in previous births I could doze between contractions and had some control). I was at a 10 the entire time. One thing I wish I had was this special pillow doulas use. I can't remember what it is called!

    I wish I had a doula because I feel she may have had some tricks up her sleeves.

    Another thought was to check out the site spinningbabies to see what they suggest.

    And I agree with chiropractic care, one specifically for pregnant women (Webster certified).
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  • After my water broke my back labor was insane.  I couldn't hardly breath through it.  My doula slapped one of those disposable heating pads (you know the ones you use for cramps) right on my lower back.  During a contraction she would apply strong pressure over the top of it.  It helped immensely!!!  I will for sure have at least two of them in my bag this time around.  The tub helped too but the heat was a blessing.  Good luck!  
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  • I've been going to the chiropractor since about 15 weeks. She is Webster certified, she got my breech baby to flip at 37 weeks last time! So I am a big believer in chiropractic care and hoping since I started early and have been going regularly, I have a better chance of baby being in a good position for this delivery. I hadn't thought about heat, but plan on included something (maybe a rice sock?) in my labor bag. Thanks for the suggestions so far!
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  • I've had two OP baby labors, so I hear you! Water, counter-pressure, belly lifts, using a rebozo, Bradley side-laying position, deep breathing/relaxation/visualization are all great strategies. Promoting optimal positioning through the pregnancy is a great option, too. You'll learn positions in Bradley, but also look at Spinning Babies website. Adjustments with a chiro who specializes in pregnancy (which may include Webster technique) is an option.

  • i had back labor with my first - i seriously don't remember anything else except that. :/ NO ONE was able to help me, no one told me to labor on all fours... ugh. i really hope this one is not going to pull the same stunt. Visiting quite a lot to try and position myself and the baby to avoid it. Unfortunately my MW this time has gently explained that some women just birth like that... I have a shorter waist which I guess makes it more likely. I do feel like I'm carrying way differently this time though so we'll see. Get in that tub and stick to your guns. Even with the back labor my first was intervention free. You can do it!
  • First time around I had back labor.  Counter pressure is AWESOME!  Hot shower too if you can swing it.  My doula had me focusing on the fact that if the pressure wave struck me as being intense than I was at the crest of it and it would only lessen on intensity from there.  That all helped.

    In preparation for the second time, I bought the Hypnobabies "Turn posterior baby, turn!" script off their website.  I think it was like $12.  I figured it couldn't hurt.  In the end, I lucked out and didn't need it.  

    Aren't there a bunch of poses for turning the baby too?  Hands and knees?

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