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Baby #2!

So it's definitely way too early to settle on any names yet (just got the positive test!) but I love talking names and it's time to start the lists again! I literally JUST did this 7 months ago when my son was born :-P We finally decided on Bennett Scott for him. Baby #2 will have the middle name Ray/Rae whether it's a boy or a girl.

I really like names that have good nickname options but it's not absolutely required. Our last name is about as common as they come so it can't be too popular of a first name but also not too out there. 

I'd love some suggestions to add to our list! Here are some we still like from the last time around: 

Girls: Clara, Rosalie, Harper, Eloise, Lydia, Maeve
Boys: Lincoln, Vincent, Ezra, Calvin, Gibson, Henry

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Re: Baby #2!

  • LNic5LNic5
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    Out of those names I think Lydia Rae and Calvin Ray sound the best. I love some of the others, like Ezra but it just sounds weird (say Ezra Ray out loud, the ra-Ra blend together, quite a mouthful)

    Declan Ray
    Simon Ray
    Micah Ray
    Liam Ray
    Collin Ray
    Noah Ray
    Carson Ray
    Oliver Ray
    Tristan Ray
    Miles Ray
    Jameson Ray
    Damian Ray
    Elliott Ray
    Dawson Ray

    Elodie Rae
    Lily Rae
    Olivia Rae
    Willa Rae
    Thalia Rae
    Mila Rae
    Alexa Rae
    Camilla Rae
    Scarlett Rae
    Violet Rae
    Delilah Rae
    Ella Rae
    Eliza Rae
  • Girls: 
    Clara - Pretty, NMS, but it sounds nice with Rae
    Rosalie - I just don't like it, especially with another R name as the MN
    Harper - a surname with a masculine feel, plus super trendy
    Eloise - Too frou frou for me
    Lydia - Lovely, nice with Rae
    Maeve - I just don't get this name. And Maeve Rae is strange looking and sounding

    Lincoln - not a fan, sounds pretentious
    Vincent - NMS but a good, strong name
    Ezra - like it, but not with MN Ray
    Calvin - loving this name more and more each day! Calvin Ray sounds great
    Gibson - a little to surname-y for me. Prefer Griffin
    Henry - like very much, but it is getting trendy

    I think Lydia and Calvin are your best picks. Other suggestions:

    Lucy Rae
    Felicity Rae
    Cora Rae
    Bonnie Rae
    Susannah Rae

    Quentin Ray
    Griffin Ray
    Davis Ray
    Aaron Ray
    Preston Ray
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  • Lyida Rae

    Henry Ray

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  • Of your lists I love either Eloise Rae or Lydia Rae for a girl and Vincent Ray or Calvin Ray for a boy.

    Please toss Harper. It's terrible and too trendy. Paired with Rae sounds like you're trying too hard. 

    Vive Les Frasers
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  • Annabelle, Ava, Charlotte, Cora, Caroline, Evangeline, Fiona, Gabrielle, Halle, Isla, Iris, Juniper, Juliet, Lydia, Lucy, Lorelei, Madeleine, Norah, Piper, Scarlett, Vivienne, Willa--my fav is Evangeline Rae nn Evie:)

    Asher, Asa, Cormac, Callum, Corbin, Dirk, Finnegan, Gavin, Gabriel, Hudson, Judd, Karsten, Killian, Lucas, Landon, Logan, Matthias, Maxwell, Nolan, Samuel, Tobias--my fav is Hudson Ray
  • Congratulations on the big positive!

    I love Maeve paired with Bennett!

    For the boys, even though Gibson is a surname, I'm kind of liking it. I like Lincoln and Henry too.
  • 4N6s4N6s
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    Clara and Vincent!
  • Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I'm not crazy about Harper, but my husband likes it a lot. He also likes Evelyn which I totally forgot about! haha. 
    I actually really liked Juniper and Sylvia but he nixed those... he immediately said Jupiter and Saliva... :(
    I love love love Willa! Unfortunately our last name wouldn't work with it. 

    I'll add Lucas, Elliott, and Maxwell to our boys list, I think they go great with Bennett!
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