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red raspberry leaf tea

I posted this in natural birth but figured I would try it here too. Sorry if this is a common thread, I looked briefly and didn't see anything.

So when TTC, I was drinking RRLT regularly and I LOVED it. It shortened my 35 day cycle to 33 days in just 3 months, helped a little with cramps and lessened the amount of clots I was having.

I have decided that I would like to try a med free delivery and have heard that RRLT taken at or shortly after 32 weeks can do wonders for delivery, uterine strength, hormones and yadda yadda yadda. My question is have any of you moms used the red raspberry leaf tea? When did you start and how much did you drink? Do you think it helped? And did you have any issues getting your dr. to "sign off" on drinking it? Just trying to get an idea, thanks ladies!

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  • You can start drinking it now. Don't wait until later or it won't do much for you. I drink it all through my pregnancies.
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  • Wanted to try this last pregnancy but couldn't find it anywhere but I'd love to try it this time!!!
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  • There's an organic pregnancy tea that's a a great blend of red raspberry leaf, nettle and a few other things too.
  • My shaman gave me a box to try out and delicious! Get some ladies!!!!! It does help
  • As pp said, you might consider starting the tea now. 

    I drank the tea with my first and drank the tea and took a supplement with my second.  I think it helps tremendously particularly with postpartum.  With my first my nurse came to check me about half a day later and shook her head and said, "I can't believe you just had a baby, your ute shrunk down so fast!"  With my second my MWs warned me that the after pains would be worse since they get worse every pregnancy because your ute has to work that much harder to return to its usual size.  Not for me though, I found the afterpains worse with my first and perhaps it was the tea in addition to the supplement that helped. 

    Also my cousin-in-law did the same thing with her second and her OB remarked to her how quickly she was returning back to normal.  She mentioned the RRLT and the doctor actually wrote it down so he could read more about it, that's how impressed he was!   
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    Thanks ladies! Looks like I'm headed to the grocery store.

  • I just ordered some too! Thanks for the tips, ladies!!
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  • I've heard that to get the full benefits you have to drink a few cups a day, is that true?  If so, how many do you drink?
  • A couple of ladies on a different board said at 32 weeks they have a cup or 2, 34 weeks 2 cups, 36 weeks 3 cups and 38 weeks and beyond at up to 4 cups. Some people start before 32 weeks and have a cup whenever they want but I'll probably follow the above schedule. I enjoy the taste and maybe if i brew a bigger batch I can keep it in the fridge and enjoy it during the hot summer with some lemon.
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    Drinking some now :-) delicious and i drink 2-3 cups a day and I'm 22 weeks .
  • It also comes in pill form :). I can't drink that much tea
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