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DH and I have a 2 year old daughter, Caroline, and our baby girl, Elizabeth, passed away February 16 from severe birth defects at 33 weeks. Even before I had my 2 year old I felt like God wanted us to adopt sometime. I don't know if I'm ready to start yet, but I am not sure where to even begin. We live in TN.


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  • I am very, very sorry for your loss!

    I have not adopted, but am looking into it.  My first step was to read a book that gave an overview of from what I understand are the three types of adoption - infant domestic, international, and dcyf/dcf.  There are some recommendations at a top post on this board.

    I recently went to a conference put on by a local infertility group that included adoption professionals in each of the above mentioned areas and also a panel of parents who had adopted.  It was so beneficial because everything was much more up to date than the book I had read, including costs and countries in international.  I highly suggest trying to find something similar near you. 

    Good luck with everything!

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  • So sorry for your loss:(!!  As long as you have taken time to take care of yourself and your family then you can start by researching different types of adoption.  Figure out what is the best fit for your family.  International adoption, domestic Infant, foster to adopt etc etc.  Check out the cosy for all and decide what your family can handle.  I suggest reading different real experiences as well as books (blogs, agency reviews etc) then like the person above suggested try to find a conference or info meeting for any or all of the ones you think fit.  Then read agency reviews and when you and your family are ready dive right in:).  There are many adoption communities with wonderful, knowledgable, and compassionate people that will be extremely happy to answer any question you might have at any step in the process, rely on them.  Good luck in your journey!!
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