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Heart palpatations

Iv just had the most scariest episode ever, after arriving at work I all of a sudden felt extremely unwell. My heart was pounding out of my chest, my throat felt tight and I felt like I couldn't breath. After 45 minutes anambulance was called and I was taken to the maternity assessment ward. My heart-rate was 123bpm and my baby's was 174bpm. Iv never felt so scared in my life. After an hour assessment both finally dropped, my boys went to 145bpm and I was aloud to leave. I was told this can be common in pregnancy and was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else and any advise on how to avoid this happening again??

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  • I had this condition before I was pregnant. I had those episodes multiple times of day for about 3 months.
    I have been on a beta blocker for 2 years now. When I got pregnant i found out it was a category c drug and that freaked me out. I went from 10mg a day to 2.5. So far, I haven't had any episodes while being pregnant. I hope I don't. It's very scary. I'm sorry you had to go through that. I seriously thought I was going to die when my episodes started.
    My OB has warned me though that many pregnant women have these so I won't be surprised if I do.
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    Palpitations can be more common it pregnancy due to the increased blood volume. It sounds like your symptoms were a bit more severe than I personally experienced and others have reported in a previous thread. I would follow up with your OB and PCP. Also avoid stimulants like caffeine as that can exacerbate an acute episode.
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  • Thanks ladies, iv never experienced anything like this before it's really taken it out of me today. Just going to make sure I take it easy from now on. :-)
  • I am currently dealing with this issue as well. My OB actually sent me to the cardiologist for it and I am under their care now as well. I have an appointment scheduled for an echocardiogram coming up to find out more of what is going on. Mine also causes dizziness and I have fallen a few times. My blood pressure is also fluctuating. Sometime extremely high and other times way too low.
  • I've been having lots of palpitations as well and was referred to a cardiologist. So far it just seems to be pregnancy related, and my doctor has put me on magnesium supplements to help.
  • So sorry you ladies are going through this also, it's extremely scary especially if it's never happend before. I'm hoping mine was a one off, I never knew it was pregnancy related. Hope u guys get the best care, I'm literally staying away from anything caffeine related and taking it as easy as possible from now on. X
  • That happened to me a few weeks ago. (currently 22 weeks.) I woke up in the middle of the night and felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, couldn't catch my breath, dizzy. I thought I was having a heart attack. I made my Dh call the paramedics. They took vitals, everything was fine. So scary. Called my Doc the next day... She said it's quite common with pregnancies. Eased my mind a bit. She said if I feel like that again, to drink cold water. I hope it never happens to you or me again!
  • I'm sorry you are experiencing this and while it sounds as if your symptoms are more severe than what I had, I thought it was worth mentioning that low iron can cause the palpations and dizziness in some as well. In my last pregnancy I was terribly low. After taking iron supplements it seemed to alleviate a bit. Good luck to all!
  • Holy crap! This was me today minus the ambulance ride and throat closure. I was able to drive to the Dr. But then was crushed over to ER for an EKG. After a few hours, it calmed back down. I can't wait to get the bill for this. Hope you are feeling better. I'm still shook up, but much better.


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