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Postpartum Belly Wraps

Okay, so I'm definitely planning on getting a postpartum belly wrap but I can't decide which to get: the Belly Bandit one or the Shrinkx Belly Wrap? Has anyone had any experiences with either one and how well did they work?

Thanks in advance :):)

Re: Postpartum Belly Wraps

  • I used both actually. I experienced great results. The shrinkx hips wrap got my hips back to normal and maybe even a tad smaller. I wore it everyday and even slept in it for the full 8 weeks postpartum recommended. I did the belly bandit along with it and thst helped shrink my stomach and uterus back to normal in half the time, I also wore it for much of the day and sometimes at night. Don't expect them to be comfortable even though the marketing will say they are....they're not that comfortable but in my opinion worth the discomfort for the results you get. Whatever you end up with I hope you get great results too!!! :)
  • ldmwldmw member
    I'm just starting to hear about belly wraps. What are they and the benefit?
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  • I didn't use one with my first and had real issues with sagging even 4 years later. I plan on using one religiously this time. I hear that they are well worth the money.
  • That's what I've been hearing and I'm so self conscious, so I know if I don't get one I'll be miserable lol but @Idmw they're supposed to help you get back to your pre pregnancy shape quicker :)
  • I used one with both of my previous. I'm older and they worked wonders. For my first I bought a pregnancy one and my second I bought a simple belly support from the drug store. They were both uncomfortable and I disliked the Velcro atatchment. This time I am going to get one of the slip on ones which they have on group on plus I'm going to try a wide ace bandage. I did't wear mine at night and still had great experiences with them. Totally worth doing.
  • Have you heard of that crazy wrap thing?
  • I just ordered the squeem, I had a friend recommend that one and read good things :)
  • Has anyone tried an off brand one? I'm looking and it seems like there are a ton out there. I'm just wondering if it matters the brand or if wearing anything helps.
  • That's what I was wondering but I've heard nothing but amazing things about postpartum wraps, and yes I heard about the it works wraps. I actually have a few friends that sell them, I was thinking about doing those to help get rid of some of the stretch marks. :)
  • ekaebekaeb member
    What about c section ones?? Is there a diff? And anyone nw were to get them other then online?
  • I've been looking into Belly Binding. Basically using a super-long scarf thingy tied in a certain way to suck your belly in. I thought about trying it with an extra Moby wrap I got at the shower. Seems a little more comfortable than those corset-looking belly wraps.

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    I'm considering the Bellefit corset but it has a full panty (like a bodysuit) with a hook and eye connection and I'm worried that would hurt after giving birth. Has anyone tried one? I like that it shrinks belly and hips in one but am looking at the belly band and shrinx hip wrap instead to avoid any rubbing against my vagina.
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