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Ariel vs Arielle

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What do you think of Ariel (pronounced Air-ee-ul) and Arielle (pronounced Ah-ree-ell)? Would you pronounce them that way with different spellings? Which do you prefer? This is for a girl btw.

Ariel vs Arielle 50 votes

Ariel (Air-ee-ul)
16% 8 votes
Arielle (Ah-ree-ell)
32% 16 votes
I'd pronounce them the same.
20% 10 votes
Ugh ... All I think of is The Little Mermaid...
32% 16 votes

Re: Ariel vs Arielle

  • Ariel is masculine. Arielle is it's feminine form. Prefer Ariella.
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  • I would pronounce them differently and even on a girl I prefer Ariel. Disney may have taken a boys name and put it on a girl but I love it.
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  • I would pronounce them both air-ree-ell.
  • I pronounce them differently. I like them both but prefer Arielle because it's more feminine.

  • Ariel is masculine. Arielle is it's feminine form. Prefer Ariella.

    Ariella reminds me of areola. 

    I prefer Ariel. Perhaps because of Disney. But Arielle just seems like it has extra letters. 
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