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Pregnancy Woes

This is gonna be a long rant. My apologies. I know being pregnant Im not supposed to stress and im supposed to stay calm and relax and enjoy it. But I am seriously just so flippin terrified its unreal haha. Which I guess is normal too, i don't see many ladies addmitting to being scared either.
Before anyone asks questions ill give a background because I know theirs some here who assume ladies like me are young or wasnt ready.
Im 23, i was with my now husband for 7 years and we got married this past August. He runs a business and i stay at home and hold down the fort.
I was on depo for 5 yrs and quit taking it about 2 yrs ago because i was aware it could possibly take some women up to that long to completely vacate the system. Of course I was that girl who wanted kids so bad in the future, destined to be a mom, waited and waited (still knowing it can take time but impatient as hell). I was like ehh im probably one of those who wont be able to have kids like some in my family. And i kind of shrugged the possibility off. And now here we are finally pregnant! Im im shock still. I am also happy beyond belief and excited! But man I'm scared. Im scared of it all. The body changes, the symptoms, the giving birth, the bringing home a newborn, the knowing I have to get up and down through the night to care for this beautiful blessing we created, the years n years ahead of knowing no matter what im going to always worry about my child and worry about his or her well-being.
This is normal right? I mean, to be super happy and excited all the same time terrified im gonna miscarry because its still so early and im so very attached already. My mind is constantly racing and i feel like someone just needs to shake me and tell me im going to be just fine. Even though no matter how much i hear "you're going to do great, you'll be a wonderful mom" it doesn't seem to help unfortunately haha

Re: Pregnancy Woes

  • Lol! So you want people to tell you it will be fine even though you don't believe them when they tell you. Okay.

    Honestly? You'll be okay. It's normal to feel scared. Read the other posts, many women admit to being terrified about the upcoming changes. Now I can't vouch for how your pregnancy will progress but I can tell you that the worry doesn't ever go away. It changes but doesn't leave. It comes with realizing that you'll be totally in charge of another human being. You worry because you understand how huge this is. But again, you'll be okay. Because despite all of the worry and fear, your child will be worth all of it and more. My LO is 8 weeks and while I'm more relaxed since she's #3, I still worry a lot. But you learn to just take it in stride and keep going.

    Read some pregnancy, childbirth, and baby books. I found that loading up on information helps me avoid unnecessary worrying. Breathe in, then breathe out. Today you are pregnant. Celebrate that fact instead of dreading the what-ifs. Good luck to you.
  • I'm with you on the fears...I could list all of my fears, but we don't have time for all that!

    It's natural to have fears; there are many changes going on and I would question anyone's sanity if they said they had "no fear."

    This is my first baby at 37, and I am scared of many things. However, each day, I tell myself that change is inevitable, and the fear is natural. I just have to work through it and manage my fears. Focusing on the positive moments of each day helps me (I kept my breakfast down, woohoo!).

  • You are not alone. I've been married to my husband for almost four years and we were planning on waiting to have kids since we got married so young (I'm 22, he's 23) but I've been so anxious to start this part of our life since I'm one of those REALLY overly maternal people who is constantly the "mom" of her friend group. You'd think I would be nothing but excited, but I am absolutely scared out of my mind. I feel, personally, that it's just what it means to be a mom. A big part of why I'm so scared is that I am going to have to work so much (I work 65-75 hours/ week right now and will be dropping down to 40-50 hours/ week in a few months) and that my baby won't know me or I won't be a good mother because of it yet there's no way around it. The way I try to calm myself down is to realize that by asking myself the hard questions and being scared about these things just means that I will be an okay mom. Try to just take things at a slowed pace. When something really bad happens or you start to feel the anxiety coming on, just think about you baby's first smile, the first laugh, the first time he/she really recognizes you as his/her mama and their face just lights up. Think about the tiny little things that are going to change the way you look at the world... then, maybe just a little bit of that shadow will dissipate. 

    Good luck. Just breath. You'll be fine. 
  • Oh yes, moms are known be worriers, but no one tells you that it begins the second you get that + pregnancy test. All you can do is enjoy each day you're given in pregnancy, with your newborn, with your toddler, etc. Thankfully, it's not like you get a + test and then give birth the next day. You'll have time to prepare for each stage of this journey. Just enjoy it!
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