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Middle name for Marina

Hi all! Due with baby #2 in June and it's a girl! We have pretty much settled on Marina for her first name, but need opinions on the middle, especially when it comes to the cadence of the syllables. I like all of our options so far, but am open to new ideas as well. Last name sort of sounds like Tarantino (4 syllables)

Our top picks so far:

Marina Celeste Tarantino
(Of the sea and of the heavens)

Marina Hope Tarantino

Marina Belle Tarantino
(My favorite Disney princess- and we love Disney :)

Marina Elisabeth Tarantino
(My middle name)

Marina Claire Tarantino
(Pretty but overused? No special connection for us)


Re: Middle name for Marina

  • I like Marina Celeste the best.
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  • My favorite is Marina Belle, but I love Marina Elisabeth, too!

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  • LNic5LNic5
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    Marina Celeste is pretty.

    Marina Noelle
    Marina Adele
    Marina Esme
    Marina Renee
    Marina Frances
    Marina Juliet
  • I like Marina Celeste
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  • I like Marina Claire or Marina Belle best. I am a fan of one syllable middle names, especially with longer first names.
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  • Marina Elizabeth or hope

    Marina Celeste is too far over the top for me(the meaning)

  • All of your options are very nice. I prefer Marina Celeste or Marina Claire.
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  • I like them all. You couldn't go wrong. Claire isn't any more common than Elizabeth or Hope. I like the meaning and uniqueness of Marina Celeste.
  • angc4angc4
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    Marina Celeste flows beautifully!!
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