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Moving from March to April :/

Re: Moving from March to April :/

  • Welcome! A lot of our April moms delivered in March but still a lot of us left. Hopefully you don't have too much longer.
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  • Had my baby March 22 :) the move isn't so bad :)
  • Read this post wrong sorry lack of sleep !
  • Looks like I'll be moving. Was due the 30th, being induced tomorrow the 1st at 7pm. Nerves are already starting to kick in!
  • Welcome to April ladies!!
  • I was due March 28th. No signs of her coming anytime soon.
  • April baby here we come ayay.. I'm due April 30 so excited. Your baby doesn't want to be a March baby
  • thanks y'all.. second time around they really should NOT tell you to expect to come earlier...
  • I was due on march 30 and no signs of labor so i will have an April baby
  • On a side note for the april mamas, we're finally here! And for you march transfers it will all be done before you know it and now we get to hear about your happy baby news too! I'm happy to have you can I've got a couple weeks to go and seeing new babies on here every day is a nice change:)
  • I'm due April 11th and my
    Nerves are already so bad!!! I never sleep because the fear of the unknown has taken over my mind! Anyone else terrified? FTM here
  • Welcome ladies. I know just how you feel. I was due last March and didn't have my daughter until April... It'll all work out and eventually you will meet that beautiful baby and not have to be pregnant anymore!!!
  • Welcome ladies! I've been lurking your board for a while hoping to have a March baby (I'm due tomorrow). I'm glad to have some of you with us! Make yourselves at home here :)
  • jasmihudsjasmihuds member
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    I'm with u due date 3/31 so I hit 40 weeks yesterday and he's still in the oven... Kinda sucks but we shall see what comes. How far are you?
  • I'm due 4/9. They said this one would be early since my first was early. Nope. Doubt that is happening. When I started dilating and effacing at 35weeks, I thought I was going to have a march baby but now I have realized that my daughter wants a diamond birthstone and held on til April. Smart lady.

    Diamond birthstone?? I missed that memo! Good thing I have a boy! ;)
  • Hi everyone! I'm moving here from March as well! I was due March 29th so I'm 40+3 today! I was hoping to have an April baby, actually! I've been active on the April boards here and there and am excited to join you wonderful ladies >:D<
  • Due March 28th. My doc set up induction for Friday. I hope to get started naturally before then. Fingers crossed.
  • i knew my due date could potentially go into April but since I am a STM everyone has been saying "You'll go early!".. whatever! My birthdate is April 8 so it's kind of fun knowing I will be so close to the baby. The mamas here are so nice anyhow! Yay April! Come on baby!
  • I'm sorry you're overdue, but glad to have you aboard! I know some other BMBs think we're mean, but the gals who are here regularly are pretty cool. 
  • I was due the 28th of March now getting induced on the 6th ready for this baby to come!
  • March 25th... no induction planned. Baby girl is strong and healthy... prodromal labor for 2 weeks... so tired and ready...
  • I'm 39 wks and I want this baby ouuuuuuttt! I have a really cute easter outfit I was hoping to put on him!! Lol
  • Was due yesterday (3/31) but no signs of labor yet. Looks like we'll be having an April baby!
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  • Welcome!
    Married: 3/01/08
    Baby Girl: 7/29/11
    Angel Baby: M/C 7/15/14 at 7wk
    BFP: 8/23/14 - Due 4/28/15  - It's a BOY!
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    No come back to march!! Haha. When I hadn't seen you post in a bit I knew you must have jumped to April. But I think you should come back ;)

    When is your due date again? I'm so glad my little man didn't wait one more day but really.. There's not much difference between March 31st and the any day now you'll have yours! Much less difference than March 1st to 31st haha. But... There must be order I suppose... You could just be on both boards :)@elizalegs
  • Hi ladies I'm jumping from March to April also. Was due March 30th but delivered April 1st. She is definitely an April Fool's baby cause I thought for sure I was going earlier but she wanted to be an April baby like her mama. Good luck to the rest of the April mom's!
  • Was due the 29th and there's no sign this baby wants to come out anytime soon!!
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