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Feeling like I can't breathe!

anyone else really having a hard time catching their breath and just breathing in general? Seems like I just started week 22 and I feel so out of shape and unable to get in a comfortable position! Still feels like we have so far to go and I'm already feeling exhausted! :(

Re: Feeling like I can't breathe!

  • I definitely get winded much easier - even simple things like going up the stairs. I get embarrassed sometimes when I get winded and then someone asks me something because I feel so pathetic trying to catch my breath and talk (granted I think I hide it well and they can't tell, but I can!). Baby is growing like crazy and taking up more and more space. It is normal unfortunately (or I guess fortunately since it beats something being wrong). But if it is excessive or worrying you, talk to your Dr about it.

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  • Yes! I've been winded constantly today!!!

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  • I get winded easily too. It upsets me because I'm a runner and in great shape and I feel like that's slowly slipping away :(
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  • Yup, me too!
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