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Baby's Weight?

my son was born 9lbs 4oz he's 5 weeks now and weighs exactly 11lbs, I'm just curious to see what other babies weights are? How much are babies usually supposed to gain every month?

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  • Big baby! How was the delivery? My nugget was 7lbs 10oz. Now he's 11 lbs 2oz at 5 weeks old!! He's a little fatty! I'm breastfeeding and he's beating me up, it runs in the family my mom said her kids gained a pound a week for the first month.
  • My son was born 8 lbs 4 oz and is 4 weeks old this week. He weighed 9 lbs 9 oz at his 1 month check up this week.
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  • My son was born 8 lbs 4 ounces and is now 12 lbs at 5 weeks. He is solely breastfed. I can't believe he's so big.
  • My daughter was born 7lbs 4oz and 9lbs 1oz at 1 month
  • My daughter was 6lbs 15oz when born. She is now 8.9lbs at just over 4 weeks old.
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  • My son was 7lbs 4 oz at birth. He's 5 weeks old now and 8 lbs 6 oz (he lost a full pound in 4 days after birth).
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  • Breastfed babies are "supposed to" gain 1/2-1 oz a day... about 1-2 pounds a month. My babies are EBF and always gain more.
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  • My son was 7 lb 11 oz at birth and weighed 10 lb 4 oz at his one month appointment
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  • My guy is a little boobmilk monster! He weighed 8lbs at birth and is now up to 12lbs 2oz at 5.5 weeks!
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  • My big guy was born 8 pounds 13 oz and at 4 weeks is 11 pounds 9 oz

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  • My son was 9 lbs 1 oz at birth and at his 1 month appointment he was 10 lbs 7 oz

  • My daughter was 8lbs 4 oz at birth and weighed 9 lbs even at her 1 month appointment.
  • I forget where I read it but I remember reading 11lbs was magic number to get them to sleep longer stretches...since some LO reached 11lb is this true? Lol
  • My LO was 6 lb 13 oz at birth and had gained exactly 1 lb by her one month check up.

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  • I have never heard of that but with DD she was 11 lbs around 7 weeks and that's when she started sleeping from 8 am to 5 am. So maybe this is true?! I am curious now if my little guy will sleep better around that weight too or will he sleep better around that age?! Hmm
  • amack22 said:

    I forget where I read it but I remember reading 11lbs was magic number to get them to sleep longer stretches...since some LO reached 11lb is this true? Lol

    I'll have to test this theroy when LO gets there!
    My little guy was born 6lb 5oz. He is almost 9 weeks and was 9lb 9oz at his 2 month appointment. He is on the lower end of the scale but his ped said he is healthy and playing catch up. DS is EBF via boob or pumped bottle. We havnt supplemented since he was 5 days old.
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  • My son has always been a pretty good sleeper, That theory for me is True(: He wakes up every 4Hours at night and takes 3naps a day! Interesting lol
  • My DD was exactly 9 lbs 4oz at birth too! At her six week appt she was 11lbs 14 oz and is EBF. As long as they are gaining and have regular dirty diapers, you're good! Also idk about the 11 lb mark helping with sleep haha ... my girl is a night owl.
  • My LO was 10.2 at birth and is now 13.4. Little breastfed chunker. :) She's slept pretty decent since about 3 weeks of age, so who knows on the 11 pound bit.
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    My daughter was 5 lb 12 oz when she was born (she was a premie) and at 5 weeks was 7 lb 11 oz. We are still rocking all our newborn clothes, 0-3 just falls off her
  • Born at 35 weeks 6 days, was 6lbs 10oz. At her appt. last week she was 13 weeks old and 12 lbs 11oz. She had just finished a 5oz bottle though, lol.
  • Daughter born at 6lb 10 oz. at 15 weeks she's 12 lbs and 2 oz. she doesn't eat much during the day but packs in the bottles in the evening.
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