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Registry questions & comments

I am a FTM and starting to put my registry together. Are there any items you ladies are loving right now and want to share? I'm finding it difficult to decide between different brands and styles. For example, carseats, strollers, highchairs, pack & plays etc. Also what are items you have received that are totally not necessary or just didn't work out that well. Thanks!

Re: Registry questions & comments

  • I am a FTM as well so I cannot tell you from experience, but I have sought a lot of advice as well as this stresses me out! So I will share what I have learned from my friends, family and my obnoxious need to do immense research... :-)

    Things you do NOT need-
    shoes (babies don't walk, no need for shoes)
    Wipe warmer (waste of money. Use your hands)
    Changing table (low dresser with changing pad is much more functional/ longer use)
    Don't buy blankets. Everyone will get you blankets for showers and gifts and you will have way too many.

    I did a lot of research on strollers and car seats. For me, I decided what was important:#1 saftey, #2 convenience. I want something easy, light weight, easy to travel with etc. I was torn between the Chicco and Britax brands. Both have excellent safety ratings and customer reviews. One friend LOVES he Chicco, but he husband doesn't like lugging it in and out of the car. That for me, made Britax a winner. My mother will borrow my stroller when baby sitting- I don't want something that is a struggle for her to life out of the trunk of a car... I got it, love home easy it is, lightweight, etc. Many of my mom friends also love it. YouTube has many reviews! Check it out.

    We also got the ErgoBaby carrier (I think this will be good for me, I don't like complicated. It's easy, safe, you can wear it four ways. Mom and dad friends have loved it. My SO prefers the moby wrap. That seems too complicated for me to put on without help...

    I have many friends strongly recommend Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Cuddle Cove Rocking Seat.. Pacifier clips as a must... I decided to get newborn size. Wash something's, leave something's new in case we don't need that size for long and can exchange/return them. I have been told to mostly just onsies and sleepers for newborn size.

    Check out the bump guide on registries. Also helpful!

    Sorry for the long post. Good luck!
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  • There is a Facebook group it's closed but they always accept the invites called car seats for the littles. It is run by car seat safety techs in the us, Canada and england. You tell them the type of car how many car seats and newborn they will give you the recommended seats and the best way to keep your child safe. It was a life saver for me

    Other items I am in love with the 4moms breeze right now. It's pricey but damn one handed folding and setting up? I just remember always spending a half hour to set up my nephews pack and play and it was terrible. Also I love mustela products! I also registered for like 5 different bottles not the starter packs so I can see which one baby girl will like. Then I will go buy a starter set.

    I am a first time mom but I did nanny for years and have to nephews so I have some idea of what I want. I also registered for a swing, rocker, play mat but I won't open it until I'm ready to use it so if she doesn't like it I can take it back.

    Good luck!!
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  • BTDT recs:
    FP Rock n Play
    A&A Swaddle Blankets
    Swaddle Me's
    Little scratch mittens (baby nails are super sharp in the beginning)
    Gerber cloth diapers as burp clothes (lots of them)
    Waterproof changing pads
    Carters onesies (much better than Gerber)
    Lanisoh freezer bags
    Lansinoh lanolin cream
    Medela PISA pump (though check with your insurance and see if you can get something through them)
    Simple Wishes hands free bra
    Ergo baby carrier - loved my Ergo but I am going to get a Tula this go round

    Items I liked though I'm sure other brands are good as well:
    FP Snugapuppy swing
    Chicco infant carseat + extra base
    FP Rainforest friends jumperoo
    Evenflow exersaucer
    Motorola video monitor

    Don't Register for:
    Clothes (you will get a ton anyways)
    Blankets other than swaddle blankets
    A ton of bottles and paci's - you never know what your baby is going to like/dislike and you may have to go through a couple different brands before you find something that works.
    Baby shoes/socks. Unnecessary and they don't stay on.
    Wipe warmer
    Bottle warmer
    I didn't care for the travel system stroller and wished I would have researched other options instead of just defaulting to that. I like my baby jogger stroller now.
    We have a Chicco poly highchair. If I could redo, I would have gotten a more bare bones high chair. Food gets in all the nooks and cranny's and I think it is hard to clean.
    Diaper Champ diaper pail - ours smelled so bad. We got an Arm and Hammer one after a couple months and it is so much better.

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  • Check out Lucie's List. It's really helpful for the big ticket items.

  • Thanks everyone! This information was very helpful.
    Thanks @PixelPosy for Lucie's List...this is by FAR the best list I have come across!
  • All of the above, and I even found a car seat/stroller combo that was a jogging stroller.  I still use the jogging stroller with DD, so I know it'll be useful when this baby arrives.  For me, the most used item I had was my bobby pillow that had the straps to secure baby.  I could leave DD lying in it on the floor if we were playing, get up, and come back to her being in the same spot just as snug and safe as ever.  She LOVED it, and still tries to steal it to sleep on.

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  • gmd88gmd88 member
    I think that doing it online is way too overwhelming. What really helped my husband and I was spending a Sunday at buybuybaby and just looking at everything. Being able to test out the stroller/travel systems was really helpful to us. We had liked one 3 - wheeler online and I found that the 4 - wheeler ones were much more to my taste. Also the staff seemed really knowledgeable and helpful - also they don't work on commission which is really nice. If you're super overwhelmed, at buybuybaby you can book an appointment to have someone on the staff go around with you and provide guidance/answer questions. Also, if you have someone who has had a baby recently come along with you I'm sure that would be helpful. From one FTM to another I'd strongly recommend going to a store and getting your hands dirty. It's very helpful. From there you can make modifications to your registry online. Good luck!
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