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Benjamin vs. Elliott

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We have finally settled on these two names for our son. My husband prefers one and I prefer the other.

Benjamin vs. Elliott 49 votes

Benjamin Walker
67% 33 votes
Elliott Bryan
28% 14 votes
4% 2 votes

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Re: Benjamin vs. Elliott

  • I prefer Benjamin out of the two first names, but I really don't care for Walker. Sounds like a last name to me.

    How about combining your two first name picks?
  • Honestly you can't go wrong with either. Both are good names.
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  • Benjamin Elliot
    elliot Benjamin

    do not like either of the middle names

  • They are both fantastic. I like Walker for a mn. I vote for Elliott though because (at least around here) it's less common than Benjamin.
    It's a boy! Born 42 weeks, 2 days.
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  • Benjamin Elliott or Elliott Benjamin.

    Dislike Walker.
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  • Thanks everyone! Both middle names are family names. Bryan is my dad's name and Walker is a family name that has been used on my husband's side for many years. I'm not a huge fan of Walker myself so I like the idea of combining both of my first name choices.

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