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This is my first BFP after MC. We started trying a year ago, and four months in I got my first BFP, since the mc it has been six long months of nothing. I found out three days ago at 3w6d. I thought this would be such a fun time, but it turns out I cannot stop stressing. I feel like I am literally freaking out. I keep cramping which I know is completely normal, but I also cramped last time and then miscarried at 6 weeks.  I am nervous even to make an appointment with my dr for the "professional" pregnancy test they do, because I am scared I will jinx it haha. Its honestly not funny at all, but I am not sure how to calm my nerves.... and wise words would help :) 

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  • You have no control over this and stressing out will only make it worse. I'm sure the stress will impact the baby so try to relax and remind yourself today you are pregnant and be happy.

    Also definitely talk to your doctor. They will probably monitor you closely and while they can't prevent another mc, they could help to give you a better chance depending on how certain levels are measuring (ex: progesterone suppositories). Good luck.
  • Take a deep breath. I haven't been through a loss like you, but I am a worrywart and when the worry overwhelms me, I take deep breaths and remind myself that I am doing everything I can to be healthy for me and my baby. For me, worrying does not totally go away, but I try to manage my worries better (if that makes any sense). 
  • I'm pregnant after a loss too and I'm spotting during this one (fingers crossed all is well).   I completely understand your stress.  Contact your doctor so they can run HCG and all other tests.  It's hard to sit back and relax after a loss, but I'm hoping it will get easier as the pregnancy progresses.  Keep yourself busy so you aren't stressing as much.  That's what I've been trying to do anyway:-)

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  • This sounds exactly what happened to me my first pregnancy ended in a mc at 6 w 1day it took a year to get pregnant again. I got a positive test 5 days before missed period and worried about everything! Im happy to report that my lil girl is 26 weeks now and is doing great. Try not to worry im sure everything will work out perfectly :)
  • O yes this pregnancy in the 1st trimester my doctor prescribed crinone progesterone gel it helped put my mind at ease a little bit
  • It's weird how we react after a loss. When I found out I was pregnant in January I actually couldn't believe I was pregnant like so much that we never even told DH's mom or sister. I literally only told this community my parents and sister as I'm extremely close with my family.
    I don't know if I sensed something wasn't right but I never let myself settle into the fact that I was pregnant and unfortunately it ended in an mc but with my pregnancy with ds I could imagine getting a belly and going into labor and of course I was terrified as I had miscarried before but it felt real.
    I guess what I'm saying is it's normal to be scared after a loss but to take everyday as it comes. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and if you feel like you need reassurance feel comfortable calling your OB. They will be with you for the duration of your pregnancy so it's important you like their style of bedside manner.
  • Pgal is the most supportive board. I spent a lot of time being talked down from the cliff by those wonderful ladies during my last pregnancy. I had 2 m/cs and it felt like I was never going to make it through a normal pregnancy but I did. Please check Pgal out.
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