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Sugar in urine?

The last two times I was at my check up, they noted that I had sugar in my urine. My doctor said it was probably just what I had for breakfast and they will test me next month, but I've been eating the same thing since the start of my pregnancy and I've only had sugar present in the past 4 weeks. At my next appt in April, they will be giving me the lab slip for the diabetes test and I'm worried sick! Any STM's have sugar in their urine and not end up having diabetes? I'm really hoping its just the Chex cereal ;)

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  • I had gestastional diabetes with my second...not my first...and I never had sugar in my urine until I went in for the blood glucose test.  My mom also had it with me.  I had it under control with a strict pregnancy lite carb sort of sucked!  This time, my third pregnancy, they gave me a blood glucose at the very beginning and it was fine.  My urine has also been fine and sugar free thus far (almost 23 weeks) however she told me to expect for it to come back sometime after 24 weeks as it usually does.  I hope yours is just the Chex cereal too!  I've been trying to watch my carbs to avoid the whole finger pricking and food logging but we shall see!  Good luck.
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  • Oh yeah, I've spilled sugar into my urine with every pregnancy and never had gestational diabetes. My guess is it's the chex. Next time try something low in sugar but high in protein. Eggs and toast would be great, but even a banana loaded with peanut butter would be better.
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