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Week 4 hcg levels. What is normal?

Hi all,

I just got the call from my dr with an actual BFP! YAY. She said my levels were 420. She said that's really good, but it sounds really high. Does this sound normal to anyone? I can't find a good hcg chart. I'm now paranoid that something is wrong if the levels are too high (but she should have said that right??) 
I go back in next week M-W-F for retests to make sure levels are climbing properly. 


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Re: Week 4 hcg levels. What is normal?

  • I don't think it's the number that matters (as long as it's not ridiculously low) so long as it doubles every 24 hours.
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    Now I'm starting to second guess myself. I wrote 240 in one place and 420 in another! Yikes!!!

  • It doesn't matter either way. The number itself doesn't mean much, what's important is that the number double within a certain time frame.
  • Thanks guys. I guess if the nurse said it was "really good" I should believe her, right?

  • 420 actually isn't high. Not even sure why she said that. But like everyone said it's not the number that counts. You could have 2 women who got pregnant on the same day , one with hcg of 500 and one with hcg of 3000 and it doesn't mean either one is healthy or not, as long as the numbers double every 24-48 hours
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    Here's a pretty good chart. Your numbers don't seem high at all, but i guess it depends on when you ovulated.
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