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Knocking Sensation

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so I am a little over 36 weeks pregnant, timing contractions and they are currently 10-15 mins apart. My little man is extremely low, and I get this almost knocking sensation like he is legit about to bust out of there. Thoughts? Concerns?

I have a Drs appt tomorrow morning.

Re: Knocking Sensation

  • If it's rhythmic, could be hiccups. Otherwise, I'd say just bring it up at the doctor tomorrow. Probably nothing to worry about though. Movement is always good. 
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  • Omg! I just had about ten minutes of "knocking" rhythmic knock knock knocks:) such a strange feeling especially since the Knicks are at the bottom of my belly where her feet are and i can feel her head up under my right rib (she's breech still).
    Still knocking!
  • Hiccups! My nurse says that is the baby learning how to use their lungs. Since there is no air in your uterus, baby "breathing" causes hiccups. Not dangerous at all. =D
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