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Top 4 girls combos

And I feel so lost. I thought I was sure but can't seem to commit..
These are the top 4 combos for our new arrival.
Seraphina Wren
Arwen Juliet
Norah Wren
Brenna Katherine

Help. I can't make up my own mind. Lol

Re: Top 4 girls combos

  • Seraphina wren
  • Brenna Katherine
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  • Brenna Katherine is my favorite.

    Julia Wren is also lovely.
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  • Seraphina Wren gets my vote.
  • I love the name Norah, so Norah Wren, but Brenna Katherine is also pretty
  • doodlebug48doodlebug48 member
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    Seraphina Wren is my favorite.
  • 4N6s4N6s member
    Nora Katherine
  • Norah Wren or Brenna Katherine
  • I love Norah and Wren (two at the top of my list) but don't like them together, because the ra sounds blend together. I would suggest Norah Juliet or Katherine instead.
  • I vote for Norah Wren or Brenna Katherine but also prefer Juliet or Katherine for Norah's middle name.
  • Love Seraphina!! It's great with Wren but also love with Juliet!
  • Seraphina and Arwen are both unique and unusual. Norah and Brenna are much more familiar. I think you should consider that as well as what you may want to name future childre.
  • Seraphina Wren, love!!!!
  • seraphina wren

  • Norah Wren!
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  • Not a fan of the name Brenna. It's perfectly fine but it sounds like made up blends of other names. Norah Wren is my favorite but I prefer to drop the "h". I like Arwen too. I have a student by that name. It's pretty.

  • LNic5LNic5 member
    1) Seraphina Wren
    2) Brenna Katherine

    Either of those two are pretty!!
  • Say Norah Wren out loud a few times. 


    Two hard 'R' sounds in succession just doesn't work. There is no flow at all. Sounds like you're barking.
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  • Norah Wren or Brenna Katherine. These sound like the names of precious young girls that will grow into strong young women. The other two sound too pixie-like and precious (or like a LOTR character) to make it into adulthood.
  • Seraphina Wren is beautiful!  I also love Norah Katherine.


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  • Serephina Wren :)
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  • Seraphina is awesome =).
    Norah is not at all pretty to me.
    Arwen is super cool but to strongly related to lotr for me.
    Brenna I didn't look up to see if its legit but even tho it's cute, it sounds like it would fit in a little to well with ask the trendy and made up names that are so poplar now.
    So my vote goes to Seraphina
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  • Seraphina - love the sound of that!

    Arwen - um, NO.

    Brenna isn't a name.

    Norah - Drop the h and it's also lovely.

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  • Seraphina Wren or Arwen Juliet
  • Brenna Katherine is my favorite

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  • I like Juliet as a FN.

    But if I had to pick from your list I would go with Brenna Katherine.

    Norah is WAY to popular around here and I do not like it and the other names are kind out there IMO.

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