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Time for the poll!

samanthaj0esamanthaj0e member
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Baby's father and I have finally narrowed our son's name down to a list, and will probably wait until birth to pick the final name. But we'd like to hear opinions on our choices. We also have a list of possible middle names: Robert, James, Phillip. Please post your favorite pairing, and tell us what's gotta go. Thanks guys!

Time for the poll! 120 votes

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29% 35 votes
38% 46 votes
31% 38 votes
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Re: Time for the poll!

  • Silas James.
  • Silas Robert or Silas James
    Vive Les Frasers
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  • Silas Robert.

    Silas James also flows, but I don't love both names ending with s.

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  • Silas James
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  • Silas James or Silas Phillip
  • Seth Phillip
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  • 4N6s4N6s member
    Silas James.
  • LNic5LNic5 member
    Seth James or Silas James
  • Kieran James sounds best to me.

    I also quite like Seth, but not in combination with any of the second names you mentioned.
  • Silas James
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  • Love Seth!
  • Silas James is great.  Seth is ok.  The others are a no.


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  • Thanks everyone! As I kind of expected, my top two are your top two haha.
  • Seth Robert or Silas James. Not a fan of the others. Don't use Job. People will mispronounce it all the time.

  • Silas Robert
  • angc4angc4 member
    Kieran is my top pick from the list, and I love Kieran James. Riordan and Job are just way not my style and Silas, I just don't get the hype. Clearly it seems to be a top pick, but wouldn't be one for me... If I'm being honest
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  • Seth Robert.
    It's a boy! Born 42 weeks, 2 days.
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  • I knew a Kieran;  he absolutely hated his name....to the point it kinda made him depressed and angry.  
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