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41 weeks! Anyone else still waiting?

I'm 41 weeks today and really starting to get antsy. Anybody else in the same boat? At this point a little sympathy is all I need... And something to help me pass time!

Re: 41 weeks! Anyone else still waiting?

  • 40+5 ... Not quite to 41 weeks but right behind you! Worse case you've got one week left!! So that's a good thing!! :)
  • I'm 40 weeks and am being induced on Wednesday! Hang in there momma!
  • Still waiting...
  • 39 +3 still waiting and no signs of anything
  • 40 and 2! No signs and cervix is Fort Knox!
  • 39 weeks 4 days. I feel ya. I've had a pedicure, drank pineapple and ginger. I've ate spicy food and I take long walks. I don't think this little girl is ever coming out.
  • Just delivered yesterday at 41+2. No signs of labour until it actually happened. Hang in there! Only a couple more days at most!
  • 41 +2 today. I'm being induced tomorrow! I've been miserable for the last two weeks. For the last month I've been walking around at 4cm 90 effaced and baby's head engaged. Non of my midwives know why our baby hasn't made an appearance yet.


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  • 41 weeks today went in for induction last night at nine... Just at 5 cm almost 24 hours later.
  • 39 + 5 today, no signs yet.. I have to sit through my sisters 3 hour dance performance on Sunday (my due date) .. Dibs on an aisle seat haha. Getting antsy and so uncomfortable. I've had 5
    Or so people tell me today how they were 12 days overdue, 10 days, ect. Crossing my fingers baby comes sooner than later!
  • I'm due today. No signs of labor.
  • 40 weeks +6 days and going crazy! No signs of labor, not even 2 cm dilated :-( my hormones are going crazy and I'm so ready for him to be here. I'm being scheduled for induction tomorrow night if nothing happens. I've walked, had sex, ate eggplant parmesan, spicy food, I've tried it all! It's good to see I'm not the only one!
  • 41 weeks today. Not planning on inducing until 42 weeks... Trying to avoid it. But I'm sooooo done being pregnant :(
  • I hope it kicks in after I'm over his cold.
  • 41 weeks tomorrow...No signs of labor either! Hang in there...they will be here so soon!
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