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Sick family members

My boyfriends family thinks its ok to hangout when they are sick. They invite themselves over when they are sick which is why I now have a fever of 102 on my due date. I'm freaking pissed. Just had to vent. If I happen to go into labor soon I hope they don't think they can come to the hospital. I feel like I'm overreacting but I really don't want my newborn around a bunch of sick people . I'm really just upset. Blah.

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  • You're definitely not over reacting. If they are sick ask them to leave. It's rude to be around a pregnant woman or a newborn when you are sick. So you are not over reacting
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  • KD32412KD32412 member
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    That's just irritating! Please make sure you keep your newborn away from your bf's family. The last thing you want is for your newborn to get sick and end up in the NICU. Please be careful! Get better soon!
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  • skittkleskittkle member
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    Tell them they need to grow up!!
    Yes it's all very exciting to them but sorry it's actually not all about them.
    It's about you, your partner & your baby.
    You need to do what's best to protect your little one. If that means they can't see him or her for a week until they are better well tough cookies :)
    Such a simple sickness can be life threatening .. Now your a mum you are the one to stand up and protect that little one.
    Best of luck with your delivery
  • I do not think you're overreacting. My sister in law had planned to come along to my delivery, but she had a cold that week and we decided that it would obviously be a bad idea. And my husband had a really bad stomach thing about three days after my due date and we made a back up plan just in case he was still sick if I went into labor. Thankfully, they kept their distance from me so I stayed healthy, but it is certainly a right as a new mom to guard your little one against potential infection. Good luck with your delivery and I hope you feel better soon. (Also, if you haven't already done so, maybe you should call your OB about the 102 temp.)
  • I called. Tylenol is getting it under control. I just hate the thought of getting my baby sick the first days out in the world. Not a very kind welcoming. Lol.
  • I always just blame the doctors and say they are really strict about being exposed to sickness late in pregnancy and once baby is takes away the aspect of relatives blaming you for not having them around....
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