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Uterine prolapse

do any of you mommas have experience with this? I'm 27 weeks pregnant with my first and am a little worried I have it

Re: Uterine prolapse

  • I do not have any experience with this. I think you should contact your doctor as soon as possible if you have symptoms of this. Good luck and take care of yourself! Keep us updated.
  • If your uterus is hanging out of your vagina and you think it is..... Please call your doctor. A uterine prolapse is a huge deal........ And usually only happens to ppl who have had multiple children or are elderly.
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  • I think if you had uterine prolapse you would know since your uterus would be hanging out of your vagina.
  • I didn't know the definition either...nightmares tonight for sure!! ;)
  • A prolapse doesn't always mean it's hanging out of your vagina. I have a slight prolapse (from a previous pregnancy) and it's hardly noticeable, but if I let up on the execise I can feel it. Do get it checked out though! There are different types of prolapse, I doubt it would be a uterine one whith a baby onboard.
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