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Did you/will you do an amnio?

Hello! I'm new here. I've been on the PAIF board a bit, but this question seemed more fitting for this board. I'm sorry if it's misplaced! I just scheduled an amnio for late April. (I'm 11.5 weeks now.) On the phone they told me that I need to take 3 days off after the amnio to recover, and that's freaking me out. I didn't realize it was so intense. I'll do research, but I'd love to hear from anyone who is willing to share why they personally chose to do it or not to do it. We are opting to also do blood tests. Thank you!!!

Re: Did you/will you do an amnio?

  • I would have only done an amnio if it was reccommended by the doctor following the NT scan and other 12 week testing blood work.
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  • With DS he was at risk for Down's syndrome. At our anatomy scan they found that he had a hyperechoic spot on his heart and a large head which together significantly increased his chances for Down's. We saw a perinatalogist and he said the risk was increased by half. The only way to know for sure was an amino which he said there was a 1/500 chance of miscarriage. Honestly we weren't going to take any "action" if we found out he had Down's syndrome. The only thing it would have done was prepare us. We decided it wasn't worth the risk of miscarriage so we opted not to have one.

    What are they recommending an amino for?

    I agree with CarrieB... I only would do one if dr strongly suggested it
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    For us amnio, not worth risk after everything we went through to have our LO.  The blood tests and other tests are soo good that I wouldn't do one unless something came back on a blood test and it was highly suggestive.  You can do a NT scan, there is also materni21 etc.  And there is the anatomy scan too. 

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    I guess it would depend on why they wanted to do it. If it was for something like if they worried about Trisomy 18, 13 or Downs, I would just do one of the free cell DNA tests which are non invasive. I actually did the free cell DNA test with my son. He had (edited from has to had) a boarder line neck fold at his NT scan. But if it was something that could only be detected with amneo I probably would do it. I am a worrier and I think I would go insane not knowing. It just really is such a personal decision. The risk is minimal, but still there. Good luck with whatever you choose and I hope everything turns out ok!
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  • Thank you! I'm trying to schedule an NT and maybe we can stop there. The risk makes me very nervous.
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