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I'm 30 weeks pregnant with twins and I've only gained about 20 lbs. I gained about 80 with my first 2 single pregnancies. My Dr told me I need to put on an extra 15 lbs to catch up to where I should be with twins. Ive been trying but to no avail. Then I just had my growth ultrasound and they said the babies are growing fine. They're actually measuring about a pound more than average. So why do I have to keep trying to eat so much it makes me sick?

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  • I'm not a doctor, but if your babies are growing just fine, I would think that you are doing fine as well. Could you get a second opinion? Do keep eating. It's tough and so hard to do towards the end when you have almost no room. But the body is an amazing thing, it grows babies! Wishing you well during your last weeks of pregnancy!
  • I'm not sure why your doctor would tell you that you need to gain more if your babies growth is fine.  Is he/she an MFM??  My daughters were born at 30 weeks and I had gained 24 lbs.They were great weights for being so early (3.2 lbs).  Eating nutritious meals and protein, that's what your doctor should be concerned about not how much you are gaining.
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  • If the babies are growing well, then I see no reason to gain more weight.  Of course, eat when you are hungry and maybe try to add more protein and Omega-3s but eating Snickers is not going to contribute to the health of your twins in any way.

    I only gained around 28 pounds in 33 weeks, and I think 6 of those were in the last 2 weeks.  My babies were good sized for being born 6 weeks early.

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  • I did full-fat yogurts and string cheese between meals and tried to get peanut butter and apples in every day too.

    D & L are here at 34 weeks 4 days by vaginal and breech delivery on 11/19/2013
    Two healthy boys weighing 4 lbs 15 ozs and 4 lbs 5 ozs.  Only 6 days in the NICU and getting bigger, stronger and cuter every day! 
  • My docotors (Ob and MFM) never got on me about lack of weight gain. I only gained 30... My babies were always above average on growth scans my mfm did emphasize protein though! Lots of meat and Greek yogurt
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  • I am 29 weeks with a gain of 18lbs...U/S on Monday showed babies in the 69th and 63rd percentiles. ..Both over 3lbs. My doc keeps telling me if they are growing fine not to worry about my weight.
  • My doc didnt worry about my wt gain as long as babies looked good. I worried about it though! I tried so hard to gain 20#/20weeks. ... didnt happwn. It is hard to eat enough to gain at the end, make sure you are getting enough protiwn and such- you'll probably be fine. Dr. Luke's book said better birthweights on the twins when moms gain more.... perhaps your doc is going by that? GL!
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  • It can be difficult to gain. I started underweight. .110 at 5'9"..& gained 23# With My Dd. She was born 6#14 at 36w6d. With the triplets, I gained 49#!! They wanted me too aim for 60, but I did keep stuffing protein, calcium, and a protein shake every day in 2nd tri. They were all 3.5# at 29w5d. As long as you're getting great amounts of protein and the baby is on track, you're doing great.


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  • The only reason I could think it would matter is because after 32 weeks they don't continue to grow at the same rate as a singleton. But most women gain in the later half of the pregnancy anyway. I would just make sure to eat good proteins and eat when your hungry.
  • I gained 15 lbs with my twin girls but I started out as a heavy girl to begin with and my doctor always told me that they were great. Don't be afraid to get a second opinion, honestly though babies will take everything from you that they need so as long as your eating a balanced diet and not underweight I believe you and your babies will do just fine. Congrats to you and safe and hopefully quick delivery.
  • I only gained 20lbs my whole twin pregnancy (it fluctuated...I always lose some in the beginning and a tiny bit in the end).  As long as growth scans are good, I would think everything is fine.  I found that I had such terrible heartburn and was so full of babies that I could not eat, so I lost a lot of body fat and only gained baby weight.  And believe me, I definitely was not trying to only gain a little...when I could eat, I ate a lot!  When I came home from the hospital, I looked thinner than I had in a while...then the ravenous twin-breastfeeding appetite began.  *sigh*
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