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Fast 1st Labor = Induction for #2?!?!

So I'm 37wks3days with baby #2.
With our first baby, I started mild contractions around midnight on a Tuesday and went to hospital around 5pm on Wed. At 6pm I was 1cm & I delivered at 9:32pm, after just 12min or pushing.
We're with a new midwife practice for this baby... Will be hospital birth again.
At my last appointment the midwife made a comment that if I'm 3cm dilated within the next few weeks, she might suggest bringing me into the hospital to break my water... So that I'm not having the baby in the car. I only live 35min from the hospital!
I'm not even sure that I'm going to consent to cervical checks.
Has anyone else ever heard of being induced for a history of fast labor?
I know I can say no and that's my plan. But I'm now questioning the midwife's practices....
I switched to them at 32 wks so I haven't had much time to get to know them.

Sorry for super long post!!!
Thanks :-)

Re: Fast 1st Labor = Induction for #2?!?!

  • @MsOCT‌ my thoughts exactly!!! Just annoying that it came from a midwife. Not that they're perfect but they tend to be less likely to suggest interventions.
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  • Seems extreme to me!   I don't know, I had what they labeled a 'precipitous birth' with my second, was checked in triage and MW and DH could visibly see the head.  Even with all of that I know they wouldn't suggest induction for that, nor would I agree to it!
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    I call many of these, not ALL, Med-wives. They tend to be a more holistic form of OBs in some sense but they still are ruled by hospital protocols and standards. It doesn't sound like the path of least intervention to have someone break your water with no indication of labor being imminent. Women can be at 3cm for weeks; doesn't mean baby is ready to come yet and I wouldn't want to jumpstart labor without an actual medical reason.

    One of my midwives was about the same distance away and she actually told us what to do if baby was born in the car. She said to pull over somewhere safe to push and have baby. She told us to keep towels in the car to keep baby warm and there was no need to worry about cutting the cord. Then she said to safely and slowly continue to the birth center unless there was a medical emergency (like baby not breathing), in which case you'd call 911 of course.

    That was my fourth baby so she was concerned I'd have him fast. Alas he was not born in the car. But never did she say she'd induce just to avoid a SLIM possibility of having baby solo.
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  • That doesn't sound good to me.  My third baby was born at home, unplanned.  I'm now pregnant with #4 and my ob said they will NOT induce me early, even with my history.  They might reconsider it if I make it to 39 weeks, but according to her, it's illegal to do so earlier unless it's medically necessary or if they do an amniocentesis proving baby's lungs are ready.  With my first, I was 3 to 4 cm for a month before he was born.  DS2 was 4 1/2 at 35 weeks and I still went another week before he was born.  Follow your gut.

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  • ew - induction for a FAST labor? is this the only MW in town?!
  • My sister had this.  Her first two came so fast that the third was a scheduled induction.  She lives about 45 mins from the hospital.

    I personally wouldn't want this.  I'd rather let nature decide and avoid an induction.
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