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2nd Trimester

What do you call your baby to be?

Yesterday I had lunch with a friend who thought it was hilarious that my husband and I have been calling our baby the wombat. Early in the pregnancy I read something about wombats and texted a fun fact to my husband. He said "it's not nice to call the baby a womb-bat! That's just where it lives right now." The name wombat just sort of stuck after that! We aren't Australian, so it is a little out of left field :)

I've heard of lots of people calling their baby the peanut or the bean. Just for fun, what are you all calling your little one before s/he makes his/her grand debut??

Re: What do you call your baby to be?

  • We are calling the baby "minnow" until we find out if we are having a boy or girl. When I had my first ultra sound my husband said that the baby looked like a minnow. So it stuck.. :)
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  • We revealed to our families that we were pregnant on Thanksgiving and said "Our little turkey is due in June!" Now, when we go to get ultrasounds, she won't show us her face - always turning it away or covering it up with her hands. She really is a "turkey" and the nickname has stuck!
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  • We called ours "virus". It's an inside joke between H and I based on a movie. Doesn't sound very nice, perhaps, but it was said very lovingly.
  • I told my husband that a lot of people refer to their babies as bean, and someone off of that conversation we started calling her Pinto, like pinto beans. Since we found out she is a girl we have been calling her by her name more though.
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  • I had strong cravings for apples, so I called her my little Apple. Now I call her by name.
  • My little niece and nephew call it "chicken nugget" . We just go with that lol
  • We also call our baby 'little nugget' but we just found out it's a girl, so now we go with princess ❤️
  • I called my baby "babycakes" before I found out he was going to be a boy...and I still call him that but once we announced the name I've noticed everyone else calls him by him name now :) 
  • I'm calling her my little monkey because we decorated monkeys in her room :-)
  • DH wanted to call baby cocktail shrimp after seeing the ultrasound, but we call baby "junior." We started referring to our imaginary children long before we got married and while we were dating as Junior. 
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  • We also call the baby nugget or "Nugz" hehe we found out on Wednesday so maybe that will change :-)
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  • Until we found out a boy was on the way, it was always "the blob", "the baby", or Germania (a guy friend since elementary had a dream way back in high school that I artificially inseminated myself with sperm I stole from the CIA, and the baby had green skin like the Wicked Witch of the West, and I named it Germania).
  • Invincibaby. Because I've fallen over 15 times, had severe morning sickness, eat sushi and blue rare steak, broke my arm, developed pneumonia, recurring stomach viruses, and falling on ice way too many times... and baby still very healthy and measuring ahead of schedule (due in may)
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  • I call mine Lil listic because it makes me feel animalistic!
  • Having strong nostalgia, I was starting a collection of Disney DVDs & came across Winnie the Pooh. Ever since, our babe has been Little Roo. Guess that makes me Kanga :) lol

  • We call the baby three. Because we're one and two and baby makes three. I don't know if we'll keep that up with subsequent children.

    We're probably not going to find out the sex, so names will have to wait. :-)
  • We've been calling it Nacho. I wanted taco but DH refused. Said Nacho was better and since we both love mexican food no one has quite caught on if we slip up in public. My brother is a huge fan of the tv show The League and is insisting we call it Chalupa Batman.
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  • We call ours the monster... it's a joke with our last name. And I feel like this baby living inside me, making me sick and stealing my energy, is like a little monster.
  • We have begun to affectionately call our little one "squigle". Not really sure why, but that is what the hubby decided on.
  • We've been calling ours Baby Bear for a while.
  • I've been calling her by her name lately...but my husband called her bop bop
  • We call ours Peanut.  I like Bean, but my great niece's nickname is Bean, so I didn't want to use it.
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    we found out i was pregnant at about 5 weeks. husband and i googled what a 5week old fetus looked like. and my first reaction was "it looks like a jellybean"
     so for most of my first trimester, we simply refered to our baby as "the jellybean" or just "jellybean"
    Its obviously much larger now (at 15weeks), so not much of a jellybean anymore, but i get the feeling i'll be calling her "jellybean" a couple times after shes born.
  • me and my husband called our little precious "baby bulilit" in tagalog word, bulilit means "tiny"......
  • Our first name's both start with "J" so we decided baby is J2 (as in J squared) so we either say "J squared" or just J2
  • We started calling the baby Legume because at the first ultrasound I said it looked like a Lima bean. And when I'm really nauseous my husband calls it the tummy demon lol
  • Whenever my husband and I went to see baby for the first time at 7 weeks obviously they were SO tiny! So we asked the doctor about how small is the baby and he said baby's the size of a gummy bear! So we've been calling baby "Gummy Bear" the whole time, even the girls at work call him that. Now that we know baby's a boy, we call him by his name now.
  • DD said that the baby looked like a potato at my 7 week u/s, so we've been calling the baby "tot" or "tater tot"
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  • RJ. He will be a junior. But my 13 year old kept calling it "chicken nugget" before she knew the sex.
  • We very lovingly referred to her as The Alien Parasite for quite some time at the beginning. I was SO sick for the first 2 trimesters... 24 hour nausea, bronchitis with a cough that lasted 3 months, a horrible sinus infection... And I literally felt like my body had been hijacked. Since then, it's just been Baby. Funny that I didn't have any problem with "parasite," but I did have a very hard time saying "it" before we found out she was a girl. :)
  • Um. We call ours "Baby"...! While I am a creative person, I named my favourite teddy bear, "Bear" sooo...I guess I'm a bit of a realist too haha. Loved reading these! We did call baby 'Peanut' for a bit.
  • 18 weeks here.....we calls ours "biscuit". We shall see if this sticks after our anatomy scan next Thursday!

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