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Hi everyone! My son was 6 months on the 6th and has shown very little in interest in sitting. He has done it but always tries to get back to his stomach/back to play and roll around and I swear is more interested in crawling then sitting. Not trying to compare my kids because I know they are different, but I worry about the "skipping milestones" and my daugher who is now 2 (and I think he wants to try and catch) was sitting shortly after 5 months and then crawled at 7 months...then was full on walking by 10 months. What is your experience with your LO's sitting? And/or skipping sitting or milestones...
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Re: Sitting

  • My 2 girls are complete opposites of each other.  First DD was sitting up unassisted at 6m and the younger DD is now 6.5m and just started rolling around.  Definitely nowhere close to sitting up although we always prop her up against the back of the sofa cushions, as well as tummy time throughout the day.  Oh the differences make it fun and frustrating.
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  • Our LO is almost the exact same age as yours, OP. He has plenty of tummy time and propping time, but he's not sitting yet either.

    I can balance him, but he gets excited, starts kicking and ends up back on the floor. I'm not really worried about it though. Our pedi says as long as he physically has the ability to sit up by 9 months, there shouldn't be any cause for concern.




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  • Why do you worry about skipping milestones? Your baby will sit eventually. It's inevitable. If your Pedi isn't worried, I wouldn't be either.
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